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Synonyms for enamoured

enamoured with


  • in love with
  • taken with
  • charmed by
  • fascinated by
  • entranced by
  • fond of
  • enchanted by
  • captivated by
  • enthralled by
  • smitten with
  • besotted with
  • bewitched by
  • crazy about
  • infatuated with
  • enraptured by
  • wild about
  • swept off your feet by
  • nuts on or about
References in classic literature ?
Look here, heretic, have I not told thee a thousand times that I have never once in my life seen the peerless Dulcinea or crossed the threshold of her palace, and that I am enamoured solely by hearsay and by the great reputation she bears for beauty and discretion?
There are few of us who have not sometimes wakened before dawn, either after one of those dreamless nights that make us almost enamoured of death, or one of those nights of horror and misshapen joy, when through the chambers of the brain sweep phantoms more terrible than reality itself, and instinct with that vivid life that lurks in all grotesques, and that lends to Gothic art its enduring vitality, this art being, one might fancy, especially the art of those whose minds have been troubled with the malady of reverie.
A sea-monster had been enamoured of the pearl that the diver brought to King Perozes, and had slain the thief, and mourned for seven moons over its loss.
As they beheld her the suitors were so overpowered and became so desperately enamoured of her, that each one prayed he might win her for his own bed fellow.
She set herself to think how she might hoodwink him, and in the end she deemed that it would be best for her to go to Ida and array herself in rich attire, in the hope that Jove might become enamoured of her, and wish to embrace her.
There was queen Ceres again, and lovely Leto, and yourself--but with none of these was I ever so much enamoured as I now am with you.
says a young lady enamoured of that careless grace.
She even proceeded so far as to be concerned to find that Elinor and her sister were so soon to leave town, as she had hoped to see more of them;--an exertion in which her husband, who attended her into the room, and hung enamoured over her accents, seemed to distinguish every thing that was most affectionate and graceful.
IT is ironic that President Donald Trump is concerned about a possible nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan when he himself is enamoured of the nukes and the power that they carry.
The proposals are not clear to the public because there has been no scrutiny of the presidential initiative of David Cameron, in the traditions of that other famous pair with Scottish names, Blair and Brown, each enamoured by the American presidential power in foreign policy.
Sadly, for all those enamoured by the Hollywood star, it turned out to be a look-a-like on a promotional tour with Sony Pictures for her new action thriller Salt.
So enamoured was the old rocker with Peaches' raunchy Agent Provocateur campaign pictures, he's given the go-ahead for Pixie to pose in her pants too.
Those less than enamoured with other forms of transport cited rail engineering works, delays, queues, expensive tickets and overcrowding as the things that stopped them taking trains or planes.
He falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful Roxane, but she's enamoured with dashing soldier Christian de Neu villette.
BEWARE of angry punks - Sex Pistols fans weren't too enamoured by the band's return to the UK stage this week.