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Synonyms for enamored

affected with intense romantic attraction

Synonyms for enamored

marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness

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Daniel Lesser, the new senior managing director of CB Richard Ellis' Hospitality & Gaming Group, became enamored with the hotel business when he was in high school.
Imagine Me & You imagines the Hugh Grant romantic comedy genre with a sapphic twist: Piper Perabo plays a neurotic newlywed enamored of a female florist.
But for others, Wie's enamored view of the PGA plays into cultural biases in sports, reflecting a greater focus on men's sports in American society.
2048 KM" presented contingent responses to such problematic scenarios, positing a precedent in Ruscha's alternately blank and enamored take on the vernaculars of film, signage, and suburban architecture, while acknowledging that the protoconceptual forms that he once played against this glossy surface are now contiguous with it.
For as the many years passed, I would become enamored with another destructive force of maple: the skateboard.
Too often, inexperienced entrepreneurs are so enamored with their product or service that they fail to prepare for challengers.
Henry probably was less than enamored with history because he saw it too often as an excuse for why something couldn't be done.
Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) is the prince-like congressman who mistakes Lopez for one of his hotel's wealthy guests and soon finds himself enamored of her charms, engrossed by her politics, and enchanted by her precocious son (Tyler Posey).
LEONARDO DA VINCI IS said to have been so enamored of his portrait Mona Lisa that he carried it everywhere with him on his travels.
And the board is so enamored with Wartgow, it extended an open-ended contract with an additional 10 vacation days.
Stewart's findings sparked vehement attacks not only from the medical profession--which had become enamored of X-ray technology, using it frequently--but also from the nuclear industry, which had long assured the public that low-level radiation was harmless.
Value added castings are the heart and sole of what traditional jobbing foundries used to be all about, before so many organizations became enamored with volume, margin enhancement took a back seat to revenue growth and the value of a business as an ongoing concern became irrelevant next to the value of its stock.
In recent months, Australian legislators, pundits, and academics have become so enamored with trying to forbid anything they find upsetting that some of them would be more at home in an Oberlin College sensitivity workshop than in the country that coined the phrase, "No worries, mate.
Indeed, Ross was so enamored of the spark and energy she discovered in the playwright Lorraine Hansberry that her 1959 "Talk" piece, included here, is essentially one long Hansberry quote.