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cooking utensil of enameled iron

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From the rich splendours of enamelware, visitors will be thrown into a world of gangsters, monsters and manga characters in a second exhibition, Off the Wall: the Art of the Japanese Movie Poster.
In 1939 Schindler obtained an enamelware factory in Krakow, Poland, which employed around 1,750 workers, of whom a thousand were Jews at the factory's peak in 1944.
To begin with, he worked in the enamelware factory, where they produced enamel baths, washbasins, tea cans and plates.
Schindler was a German who saved hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust by employing them at his enamelware and munitions factory.
A white, enamelware cup dangles beneath the iron and holds an undefined lump to become a metaphor for the unexpected in life.
You can't help but love MacKenzie-Childs new Flower Market Enamelware, made of a heavy gauge steel underbody and bronzed stainless steel rim.
While Robert was honing his DIY expertise, Cherry was working her own magic, adapting lamps, pictures, mirrors and wardrobes Shelves are dotted with old china and pretty, second-hand glass and enamelware, vintage fabrics are draped over tables and beds, and an old sewing machine table, rescued from a rubbish dump now serves as a telephone table.
Fruit is best prepared in stainless steel or enamelware.
Its sophisticated enamelware line, a subcategory of Brillante, produced a spike in business for the company, and it is launching an artist-in-residence program in Atlanta, offering large-scale, high-end aluminum pieces coated in nickel.
Industries: Hydro-carbon, petro-chemicals, fertilisers, manufacturing, agro processing, steel works, brewing, soft drinks, glass making, paper making, enamelware, packaging, banking, insurance, timber, clay for ceramics, etc
The large enamelware tray was a bargain from Ikea and the Rayware striped china is something Michelle has started collecting.
Holland said she cherishes her days as a lookout so much that "in all these years, I've never bought any nice dishes - I still use the blue enamelware that I had back then.
The plates, coffee cups, pan, pot and lid are made from black enamelware.