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Synonyms for enamel

hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth

a colored glassy compound (opaque or partially opaque) that is fused to the surface of metal or glass or pottery for decoration or protection

a paint that dries to a hard glossy finish

Related Words

any smooth glossy coating that resembles ceramic glaze

coat, inlay, or surface with enamel

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Coloured enamels are either mixed with white or brushed on top of it to created variations in tone.
Overglaze enamelling is a decorating technique that involves the application of enamels to the surface of a previously high-fired glazed vessel.
Both of these drinking vessels hail from Russia and oer a fairly modern take on a traditional Russian craft: creating items out of silver and then decorating them with coloured enamels.
The Seven Treasures: Japanese Enamels from the V&A showcases beautiful cloisonne enamels from the 16th Century though to the 20th Century.
Enamels are traditionally used on metallic surfaces to improve their chemical durability [Jones and Berard, 1985].
Enamels of the World 1700-2000 offers an insight into the richness and diversity of the art of enamels during the past three centuries, ranging from the imposing work of Qing dynasty China and Meiji Japan, to the magnificent creations of Romanov Russia and the royal courts of Europe and the East.
The same is true of enamelling, and the place which became synonymous with enamels, Bilston.
The range of Rastsvet colored universal enamels is the widest in Empils' offerings.
From descriptions of techniques involved in the enameling process to the symbolism of such pieces during the 19th century, evolving differences between styles, and collectible enamels from the past, chapters pack in over four hundred color photos with descriptions and values.
Initially, enamels were applied on gold, then silver, copper, and bronze, and later on iron and steel.
Enamels are applied to copper tubing using a simple propane torch.
SII will, however, retain the wire enamels business in Germany with a sales volume of approximately US-$ 1.
The metalwork forms an intricate frame or skeleton onto which the enamels are applied, but as there is no backing material the enamels have to fuse with the metal to create the finished surface.
Cloisonn enamel is so named because the coloured enamels, made from a sort of glass paste, are attached to a metal base in small compartments called 'cloisons'.
The initial launch of Finish 1 will include a complete set of FPC Acrylic Enamels including 25 solid, metallic and pearlescent colors.