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Synonyms for enact

Synonyms for enact

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to produce on the stage

Synonyms for enact

order by virtue of superior authority

act out

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Supporters of ACA 10 say the requirement for voter approval makes it difficult to enact such agreements and renders agreements regarding individual businesses virtually impossible.
EnAct, a sales automation and management solution from Fiserv that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of financial institutions of all types, leverages Microsoft's Dynamics CRM platform to address the specialized CRM needs of commercial banking, retail banking and wealth management.
In a statement to the press on Wednesday, May 25, in response to statement by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a press conference held on Tuesday stating that Parliament has no right to initiate law enacting; the statement said, The most important task of Parliament is to enact laws as stipulated in Article 61 of the Constitution being Parliament's prime task that can not be divided into a start and end; therefore, the media quoting Prime Minister Maliki that Parliament has no right to initiate legislations is misinterpretation and putting limits to what the Constitution stipulates of being general.
Provisions of the law left intact include prohibiting state agencies from limiting enforcement of immigration laws; allowing residents to sue state agencies that enact such policies; and creating a crime for stopping a motor vehicle to pick up day laborers.
Identity theory is particularly useful for its ability to conceptualize the degree to which, and why, parents enact or fail to enact roles associated with their parental identity.
The decision vests state and local governments with broad power to enact laws allowing for acquisition of private property by eminent domain as part of a comprehensive redevelopment initiative, even where the property to be acquired is not blighted or in need of redevelopment.
Despite the Raich ruling, states remain free to enact and enforce laws permitting sick people to use medical marijuana.
Perhaps legislators have been reluctant to expand existing programs or enact new initiatives, given that economic recovery in many states has been sluggish at best.
The Columbine incident in 1999, hi which two students shot and killed 12 other students and a teacher before killing themselves, kicked off a rush by states to enact bullying laws, says Jennifer Dounay, a policy analyst at the Denver-based Education Commission of the States.
Five nations must still enact European Arrest Warrant legislation.
Directors of Enact - which specialises in rapid remortgaging and conveyancing services - turned to finance house Deloitte & Touche plus law firm Dickinson Dees when going through the acquisition.
Given the fact that Indian nations and Euro-Canadian nations signed treaties to ensure peace and friendship between them, why did one feel the need to enact the aforementioned legislation?
Freedom, once lost, is hard to reestablish--just ask any totalitarian state that is now striving to enact democracy.
The concept of substantial equivalency cannot work if the state does not enact language like that found in Section 23.