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a provision in a law that confers on appropriate officials the power to implement or enforce the law

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accordance with the terms of the Enabling Clause are therefore a
Group structure: A new enabling clause empowers the Bank to create
5) Aviall I concluded that "may," when used in an enabling clause, meant "shall" or "must" and "establishe[d] an exclusive cause of action.
The Ordinance has an enabling clause to allow the private sector in commercial mining later.
In line with the transparency requirements of the WTO, ASEAN and India have notified the ASEAN-India FTA agreements to the WTO under the Enabling Clause on 23rd August 2010.
IIT- Guwahati director Gautam Barua said: " This is an enabling clause for the IITs to get into the medical sector.
Provisions of the SDR would also be applicable to accounts which have been restructured before the date of this circular provided that necessary enabling clauses, as indicated in the above paragraph, are included in the agreement between the banks and borrower, RBI said.
He further asked the Builders' Association of India to emulate the contract documents of NHAI, Delhi Metro and other such organizations and take enabling clauses for preparing the unified standard contract document.
As part of its "policy advocacy pillar", EQ examined existing laws and regulations on government tenders and initiated a process of reviewing the enabling clauses for SMEs in several jurisdictions such as the European and the American SME Acts.
The regime also provides enabling clauses for introduction of fit and proper criteria for sponsors, board of directors and management of brokerage houses to determine their fitness in line with the criteria laid down in this regard for non-banking financial companies.
When Congress writes a bill intended to be enforceable law within the States of the Union, the law must be within the authority of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and/or the enabling clauses of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, and 23rd Amendments to the Constitution.
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