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a provision in a law that confers on appropriate officials the power to implement or enforce the law

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She added: "He also explained the Attorney General's recommendation for the enabling clause is designed to give what he called 'belt and braces' protection to the Oireachtas' right to legislate on this matter into the future.
166) Proponents of the PTA and Enabling Clause state that they are reasonable because the difference between the preferential tariff and the MFN tariff, otherwise known as the preference margin, is small.
secured adoption of the Enabling Clause, a permanent deviation from MFN
Enabling clause between prime contractors and service contractors (Air Force Materiel Command Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement [AFMCFARS PART 5352.
37) The Enabling Clause permits preferential treatment for developing countries "[n]otwithstanding the provisions of Article I of the General Agreement.
5) Aviall I concluded that "may," when used in an enabling clause, meant "shall" or "must" and "establishe[d] an exclusive cause of action.
an enabling clause in the basic legislative instruments (Directive, Decision or Regulation) by means of which, in keeping with Article 202 of the Treaty, the legislator will allow the Commission to conclude a contract with the relevant Member State and local authorities for the accomplishment of aims set by law;
He said: "If the advice is not to with repeal simpliciter and to add an enabling clause [to allow the Government then legislate without fear of a constitutional challenge] I will raise my concerns because the Eighth Amendment has bti been the only protection the unborn has had since its insertion into the Constitution by the people at the time in 1983.
The Ordinance has an enabling clause to allow the private sector in commercial mining later.
5 The Enabling Clause has since been incorporated into
In line with the transparency requirements of the WTO, ASEAN and India have notified the ASEAN-India FTA agreements to the WTO under the Enabling Clause on 23rd August 2010.
The Enabling Clause was formally incorporated into the GATT 1994 upon the entry into force of the GATT Uruguay Round agreements on January 1, 1995.
IIT- Guwahati director Gautam Barua said: " This is an enabling clause for the IITs to get into the medical sector.
Because such programs have been viewed as trade-expanding, however, Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) provided a legal basis for one-way tariff preferences and certain other preferential arrangements in a 1979 decision known as the Enabling Clause.
At the end of the Tokyo Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations in 1979, developing countries secured adoption of the Enabling Clause, a permanent deviation from MFN by joint decision of the GATT Contracting Parties.
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