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a provision in a law that confers on appropriate officials the power to implement or enforce the law

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195) This widely recognized principle discourages individual changes to pleading requirements, and instead requires courts to comport with the Rules Enabling Act.
Thus, Congress may not "by the imposition of conditions in an enabling act, deprive a new State of any of those attributes essential to its equality in dignity and power with other States.
For instance, while the four enabling acts allowed most
a substantive right, applying Rule 23 would violate the Rules Enabling Act.
Further exploration of the relevant state's enabling act is
107) The Democrats declined to nominate anyone, arguing that to do so would set up a squatter state government without the legal authority of an enabling act from Congress.
The precise nature of the jurisdiction of SAT in regard to each vocation is set out in the enabling Act of relevance to the specific vocational area.
The procedural reform movement that produced the Enabling Act and the Federal Rules sought to create uniformity in place of this disorder and an adjudicatory system that would facilitate rather than frustrate substantive legal policies.
The RFA, according to its enabling Act, is mandated to manage the Namibian Road User Charging System in such a manner as to secure and allocate sufficient funds for the achievement of a safe and economically efficient road sector.
Some allies of the Congress party, which share power with it at the centre, namely the Trinamool Congress and the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, were also opposed to the provision of Lokayukta in states, saying the enabling Act will be an infringement on autonomy of the states and go against the federal structure of the constitution.
And as is the case with the National Defense Authorization Act, various provisions of the Enabling Act authorized Hitler to act without the interference of the Reichstag.
Mexico entered the Union under the same enabling act, which contained
Hesaw it to pose a set of three distinct questions arising under the Constitution, the Rules of Decision Act (RDA), (7) and the Rules Enabling Act (REA) (8)--concerning, respectively, the Congress's power to make the vertical choice of state or federal law, the federal courts' choice of law when unguided by statute or Rule, and those courts' choice of law when a Federal Rule was on point.
7) however, the Court held that when a Federal Rule directly conflicts with state law, the Federal Rule must govern unless it is facially invalid for conflicting with the Rules Enabling Act.