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providing legal power or sanction

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These modules support the latest interface technology, such as Ultra 320 SCSI and 2 gigabitper-second (Gbps) Fibre Channel, as well as enabling support for new standards, such as iSCSI.
SEPATON is committed to enabling enterprises of all sizes to benefit from the advanced data protection technologies rapidly emerging in today's market," said Mike Worhach, president and CEO, SEPATON, Inc.
Siemens Tim technology, which is available with the MAGNETOM Trio, MAGNETOM Avanto and MAGNETOM Espree, is the first seamless, whole body surface coil design that combines up to 102 seamlessly integrated coil elements with up to 32 independent radiofrequency (RF) channels, enabling advanced clinical applications.
By distributing intelligence throughout the network while retaining centralized policy and management, Smart Mobile delivers the technological breakthrough enabling customers for the first time to deploy next-generation wireless applications such as voice over WLAN on an unprecedented scale.
By completely separating software from the hardware infrastructure traditionally needed to run it, AppLogic is enabling the first true utility services to be offered.
X1 Logistics provides day-to-day operational and administrative execution of its customers' order-to-pay processes as well as strategic support and analysis, enabling customers to focus more effectively on their strategic opportunities within a "pay as you go" business model.
But as enterprise momentum for grid computing and associated infrastructure models increases, new design points, development models and tools for creating and enabling commercial applications for grids will be required.
The VX platform provides key elements for enabling enterprise FMC, including a multi-service IP voice switch with an integrated session border controller and vendor-independent remote survivability features.