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providing legal power or sanction

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He meant her (thanks to his enlightening companionship) to develop a social tact and readiness of wit enabling her to hold her own with the most popular married women of the "younger set," in which it was the recognised custom to attract masculine homage while playfully discouraging it.
She could give plain directions enabling any person to find the place--but she was afraid, at that hour of the night and in that lonely neighborhood, to go out by herself.
It appeared, on further questioning--for it was only by a very long and arduous process that all this could be got out of Newman Noggs-- that Newman, in explanation of his shabby appearance, had represented himself as being, for certain wise and indispensable purposes connected with that intrigue, in disguise; and, being questioned how he had come to exceed his commission so far as to procure an interview, he responded, that the lady appearing willing to grant it, he considered himself bound, both in duty and gallantry, to avail himself of such a golden means of enabling Nicholas to prosecute his addresses.
The need which Professor Muirhead stressed is no less pressing to-day, and few will deny that philosophy has much to do with enabling us to meet it, although no one, least of all Muirhead himself, would regard that as the sole, or even the main, object of philosophy.
which took place as the coach rolled along lazily by the river side) that though Miss Rebecca Sharp has twice had occasion to thank Heaven, it has been, in the first place, for ridding her of some person whom she hated, and secondly, for enabling her to bring her enemies to some sort of perplexity or confusion; neither of which are very amiable motives for religious gratitude, or such as would be put forward by persons of a kind and placable disposition.
About five it returned, gentle enough, enabling us to head for the roadstead.
The not being troubled with earnestness was a grand point in his favour, enabling him to take to the hard Fact fellows with as good a grace as if he had been born one of the tribe, and to throw all other tribes overboard, as conscious hypocrites.
Nortel Networks Shasta 5000 BSN enables service providers to aggregate tens of thousands of subscribers -- via DSL, cable, private line, dial-up, wireless or any other access medium -- onto a single platform while enabling network-based, value-added IP services like firewalls, virtual private networks, self-provisioning dynamic bandwidth allocation, and personalization.
DCA) proudly announces Singulus Mastering as the latest partner in the DiscTag Enabled program, enabling Singulus Mastering LBRs & in-line systems to fully support DiscTag tracking, HCRC verification & XML metadata consolidated reporting.
With VC and GFP support, the ARROW-2xGE enables bandwidth to be provisioned to suit traffic needs enabling services to be offered in cost efficient increments over the same physical Gigabit Ethernet connection.
With up to 50:1 de-duplication ratio for a typical mix of business application data such as email, database and files, DeltaStor software enables users to keep more backups online than any other solution enabling quick restores for compliance with corporate, regulatory and disaster recovery requirements.
ViVOwallet([R]) - ViVOwallet application runs on NFC mobile phones enabling multiple payment-related applications, managing secure data, to enable secure contactless payment transactions.
com/reports/c46740) has announced the addition of "IT Enabling Technologies in India" to their offering.
PhoenixZIP, which quickly retrieves the entire protocol information in one easy drag-and-drop step, enabling reproducible follow-up examinations.
Based on innovative patented and patent-pending technology, Smart Mobile overcomes limitations of current-generation WLANs, enabling organizations to deploy massively scalable wireless networks that meet the needs of the most demanding data and voice applications, while providing unlimited reach indoors and outdoors.