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Synonyms for enable



Synonyms for enable

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

Antonyms for enable

render capable or able for some task

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Channel Enablers is a recognized global channel training and channel consulting solutions company with expertise in multi-channel routes to market, assisting technology vendors to transform their channel and alliance partnerships into a source of significant competitive advantage.
Channel Enablers will be a separate division of Miller Heiman.
Opportunities and challenges: why enablers are important
Identify the significant enablers and drivers affecting growth of companies on basis of literature survey.
The next key enabler for adopting joint is support of the user, both from the Services' combat developers and the combatant commands as represented by JFCOM.
Is this the final piece of the smart enabler puzzle?
The MLS Enabler defines protocols between different location servers and clients.
Our upgraded enabler release reinforces the high priority of DRM within OMA, and underscores the importance of content and copyright protection when using mobile devices.
The objective of the Global Certification Forum (GCF) is to provide an industrywide agreed minimum set of requirements to ensure an acceptable level of interoperability between 1) handsets and cellular networks, and 2) enablers primarily intended for cellular technologies, in order to obtain global certification for the benefit of handset providers and cellular operators alike.
System enablers are system files that allow System 7.
OMA, an industry organization made up of over 350 global companies, develops interoperable mobile data service enablers that work across devices, service providers, operators, networks, and geographies.
We applied the model to 85 European organizations, using the results of a questionnaire-based survey to assign each respondent a score comprised of up to 500 points in each of the two categories - Enablers and Results - for a maximum total score of 1000.
In addition to RosettaNet's success around production implementations, the consortium continues to focus on the creation of enablers for rapid and visionary standards development.
The Enablers unique modular design allows for fast and easy integration for a variety of wireless data markets.