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Synonyms for enable



Synonyms for enable

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

Antonyms for enable

render capable or able for some task

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It's a great opportunity for clients to sample the process and methodologies offered by Channel Enablers and measure its outcome.
Interestingly, one could argue that implementing a SOC stands a greater chance of success in a deployed setting since expeditionary operations tend to provide the crisis moments needed to unify strategic enablers and thereby gain benefit from proximity.
New service enablers in the areas of augmented reality, machine-to-machine communications and mobile search among others
As growth is a necessity for the Indian construction industry, an attempt is made in this study to review related literature and key findings of research carried out in the field of growth strategy and thereafter to identify the important enablers of growth.
A clear definition of the problem and direction from the Services' headquarters staff provided the next key enabler.
And, while the OMA seems to be leaning toward Java in several of its enablers, if history is any guide, Microsoft is unlikely to support Sun's platform as a standard in any of its devices.
Results scores also indicate that different Enabler categories play a role in translating investment in software creation and deployment into meeting financial and nonfinancial goals, with these relationships suggesting the following best practices:
Application stores can be part of the smart enabler offer - but not for all operators
Business Process Management - the Next Generation of Business Enablers provides an in-depth review of the business drivers behind BPM, market directions and future trends.
Video telephony is viewed as an important application enabler by the GCF for 3G adoption and Ixia is helping to enable conformance to standards of all equipment.
The Sales and Operations Planning Benchmark Report" determines the marketplace pressures, strategic actions, business capabilities and technology enablers prioritized by best in class performers to frame and drive their S&OP initiatives.
The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) delivers open specifications for the mobile industry, helping to create interoperable services enablers to work across countries, operators and mobile terminals and is driven by market requirements.
In addition to RosettaNet's success around production implementations, the consortium continues to focus on the creation of enablers for rapid and visionary standards development.
The Enablers unique modular design allows for fast and easy integration for a variety of wireless data markets.
NGS is based on Open Services Access (OSA) standards and provides an open architecture approach to securely integrate Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Applications Service Providers (ASPs) and network enablers.