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Three low-grade malignant tumors were proved 1 week after the operation, and the tumor was removed en bloc without recurrence (follow up, 16–84 months).
At this stage, with the consent of the family, she underwent en bloc resection of the tumour through an anterior approach and then anterior cervical fixation was performed (Figure-2)
Since they are unwilling, or incapable, of keeping their manifesto commitment, the Labour group should resign en bloc and present themselves to the electorate as what they really are: the party of guaranteed council tax increases.
There were no significant differences in submucosal injection frequency, specimen size, en bloc resection rate and perforation rate between the two endoscopic groups.
ORLANDO -- En bloc excision can cure melanoma in situ of the nail apparatus without amputation, while also preserving function and quality of life, according to the results of a retrospective study of patients treated with this approach.
Selon lui, le protocole d'entente entre la CAF et l'AFC, qui porte sur l'organisation de competitions et des programmes de developpement, [beaucoup moins que] ressemble a une tentative flagrante de mettre en place un vote en bloc [beaucoup plus grand que] par les deux confederations pour l'election presidentielle a la Fifa le 26 fevrier.
Several treatment modalities have been described for ABC such as sole curettage, curettage with cementation or bone grafting, fibrosing agents or bone marrow injections, arterial embolization, adjuvant cryotherapy or radiotherapy, demineralized bone matrix applications, and segmental or en bloc resections [4].
Ifpenis, prepuce, and regional lymph nodes are extensively involved, surgical options are en bloc resection with or without penile retroversion [13-15] or penile transection just distal to a perineal urethrostomy [16,17].
The company said the en bloc sale price for the tankers is USD38.
NNA - En bloc resection of tumors of the bladder using HybridKnife is a new surgical procedure that allows recently discovered cancer of the bladder to be effectively treated.
On top of this we will be asked to change the halogen lights we were also persuaded to use en bloc to save energy to another type.
An en bloc excisional biopsy was done and sent for histopathological examination.
Abu Dhabi shipowner EShips has sold two small tankers en bloc in a deal worth US$15.
Situated on a sought after road it comprises a lounge, dining area, extended fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, upstairs bathroom, garage en bloc, front and back gardens.
Le parti Ennahdha qui s'est presente de la maniere la plus coherente a vu 82 de ses deputes voter en bloc pour la confiance , seul un depute s'est abstenu .