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a surface-active agent that promotes the formation of an emulsion

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Their results show that lactose esters containing decanoate and myristate may be useful emulsifiers in food systems.
In this case, a "compounding pharmacist" who used polyethylene glycol 40 castor oil as the emulsifier prepared the intravenous solution.
In this case, Evonik worked with Tego Care 450, a universal, PEG-free emulsifier for formulating O/W creams and lotions.
Food Encapsulation Market by Shell Material (Polysaccharides, Proteins, Lipids, Emulsifiers & Others), Core Phase (Vitamins, Probiotics, Flavors & Essences, & Others), Technology (Physical, Chemical & Physico-Chemical), & by Region - Global Forecasts to 2021
The results showed an increasing trend in dough stability when used the combination of guar gum and DATEM while dough stability time decreased when combination of CMC and MDG emulsifier was used.
This article deals with a 'tree extract' called 'Sweet Sap' that was used as the emulsifier for 'water-in-oil' emulsions, which were then employed as a binder to formulate low-VOC enamels.
The aim of this work is to assess the mechanism of emulsifiers effect like SMO and some PIBSA-derivatives, that are most abundantly used in world practice, and also to develop an effective domestic emulsifier of reverse emulsions.
To demonstrate the action of an emulsifier, let's do Experiment A.
Grinsted is our largest emulsifier production facility and ships to an international customer base, so the sustainability benefit accruing for our customers is expected to have a positive global effect.
The effects of emulsifier consumption were eliminated in germ-free mice, which lack a microbiota.
SulNOx claims that it has solved the stability problem that has plagued all previous attempts to create practicable emulsions--as the mix of fuel, water and emulsifier is properly termed--by creating an emulsifier that enables the mix of component materials to remain constant with no separation of the water and fuel back into separate components.
Summary: In present paper, five non-ionic emulsifiers with different hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups were synthesized to discuss effects of emulsifier on monolayer structure and evaporation resistance.
It should be noted that the most desirable gluten-free bread was obtained from the combination of rice flour (45%), cornstarch (35%), and cassava starch (20%), brown rice flour and Xanthan emulsifier (0.
The lecithin is absorbed to the surface of the powder, giving a highly functional emulsifier.