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someone who copies the words or behavior of another

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Significant performance and productivity improvement over the entry-level, scan-based XDS100 JTAG emulator, allowing a larger array of debug capabilities, power levels and IEEE standards.
We are committed to supporting and advancing the HD DVD ecosystem, and the new Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator reflects these efforts by providing developers with the software-based tools they need to efficiently deliver the highest-quality content," said Jordi Ribas, general manager of HD DVD at Microsoft.
After you install the emulator on your workstation, you'll see something similar to the screen shown in figure 1.
Since an emulator is a program, using it ultimately requires running it on some computer.
The SyVox Emulator is middleware that resides on a web server (Microsoft's IIS), acting as a bridge between SyVox VoiceXML traffic from a mobile computer and a terminal emulation session on the remote host.
The offered IP package provides an improved protocol emulator that can emulate a variety of components with little or no development effort.
Seven of the foremost Wi-Fi semiconductor vendors, along with leading hardware vendors and service providers, are currently using the ACE 400NB, making it the industry's most popular channel emulator.
Features of the USB510L Emulator include, but are not limited to a Plug n' Play USB host interface, 3.
The ACE platform redefines customer expectations for channel emulation and we've seen tremendous interest in the ACE 400WB, particularly from vendors familiar with our award-winning Wi-Fi channel emulator.
Our release of the TrueChannel Emulator demonstrates the commitment of LitePoint to provide the most advanced wireless test solutions to our customers," said Greg Ravenscroft, President/Advanced Development at LitePoint Corporation.
At only $395, JTAGjet-TMS-C2000 Emulator Enables In-system Debugging on All TMS320C2000(TM) Controller Platforms
Patent Number 7,050,962, entitled "Method for Connecting a Hardware Emulator to a Network.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Anue Systems, a leading provider of next generation network delay and impairment emulators, today announced the extension of its market-leading MAUI Network Emulator with the addition of MULTI-FLOW.
Emulator Extension Used to Assist Already-Existing Emulator Code to Set Up an Optimized Environment Conducive to Emulating Suspect Code