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Synonyms for emulate



Synonyms for emulate

to take as a model or make conform to a model

to strive against (others) for victory

Words related to emulate

strive to equal or match, especially by imitating

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imitate the function of (another system), as by modifying the hardware or the software

compete with successfully

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The Enterprise Emulation System 330, the world's first turnkey system to complement logic emulation with an automatic memory-emulation capability, provides 330,000 logic gates and up to 64 MB of memory.
Our support for the Tektronix DAS demonstrates our intent to open the unique Quickturn emulation environment," said Ravi Sundararajan, product manager of Quickturn.
Hammer DEX is initially focused on passive, non-endpoint VoIP device emulation and is available both as a low-capacity, single-user integrated product and as a high-capacity multi-user distributed version.
The Peerless family of products and engineering services enable OEMs to develop digital printers, copiers and multifunction products quickly and cost effectively using such popular products such as Peerless' emulation of HP (NYSE:HWP) PCL languages.
The Most Advanced Tandem Terminal Emulation Technology Available
Wyse is addressing this need by providing this terminal emulation package for its Windows-base terminal solution.
In 1991, Peerless developed both the first variable resolution PCL 5 emulation and the first PCL 5 emulation to support an output resolution of 600 dpi.
Founded in 1982, FutureSoft is dedicated to making an impact on how people use their computers to communicate, by developing and marketing personal computer terminal emulation and communications software for graphical user interfaces.
0, a new terminal emulation software program for Web browsers.
In the real corporate world, there tend to be several different legacy hosts, and a variety of clients accessing them, so products that just do the principal emulations are not adequate.
announced today Printronix P-Series, IGP, and QMS Code V emulations for the Olympus PagePlex line of high duty non impact printers.
GUI and command-line interfaces: Users can choose a graphical user interface to create profiles or run emulations, or they can use a command-line interface.
The 32-bit technology, available immediately to interested partners, exploits Windows 95 and Windows NT architecture, combines multiple emulations including 3270 and 5250, includes powerful internationalization capabilities, and is ISO 9000 certified.
introduced Printronix P-Series Emulations with IGP and Magnum Code V bar code/graphics application languages, to allow current Printronix users to run existing text or graphics on PagePlex (TM) printers.
The current schedule calls for initial AWSM emulation demos commencing in December, 2006.