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Synonyms for empurpled

excessively elaborate or showily expressed

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Kinderszenen It is a murky firmament in which to shine This is you, wind This is your life pushing against unbreakable panes You were bigger than me But you were still in the family As a viola is in the violin family If pitched a fifth below and empurpled In g review, Ashbery said, "The verbal fireworks of his earlier books have erupted, and the result is a sustained radiance unlike anything else in American poetry.
on the empurpled air, and requiring no other support; looking out with
Here a narrow-eyed Finn sits impassive, his high cheek bones empurpled with a heavy welt from yesterday's match.
It seems to be understood that hacks are always awash with booze, from the moment they rise (we brush our teeth with a light Sancerre) through the working day (freebies, hopefully, anything from real ale to firewater) and on into the night as we file copy, the prose and the nose growing more empurpled by the minute.
DeVotchKa is, in the Village Voice's words, "a Denver-based quartet of various skilled foreign nationals who deliver Gypsy motion, Sinatra-esque pop, mariachi power and European symphonicism with an empurpled yet poised postpunk drive.
One can feel the working out and working through of these concerns in his recent Heavy Rising, 2005, in which what appears to be a solid, quasi-ritualistic wooden plinth--actually made up of ferociously bound wood slats, empurpled with Rit and other dyes swirled with bleach--is disrupted by rising slices of clear glass harlequined into stark, triangular, fabric-paneled zones of black, mauve, and purple: the fortress of solitude seen through black light.
Instead, the abiding high tempo kept the blood pumping to the end, which presumably ensured no lasting damage to Sir Alex Ferguson's conspicuously empurpled nasal extremity.
Doug insists, he can make it to the bathroom, but his empurpled legs bow
Fergie made a beeline for me and his empurpled face told me instantly it wasn't to congratulate me on my journalistic prowess.
Almost all, with their glinting silver and gaping orange fish, dusty wine bottles, fat, lusciously hued melons, desiccated roses, sprouting root vegetables, rotting peppers, and empurpled cabbages, are achingly lovely in the vividness of the death and decay that they record, in keeping with the durable meanings of nature morte, or "dead nature.