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loud and confused and empty talk

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But all they have had so far is empty words from SNP councillors trying to shift the blame for their mistakes, and silence from SNP MPs and MSPs for Renfrewshire.
We cant remain stuck with empty words and statements, however, said Singleterry.
Ali Larijani, speaker of the Iranian parliament and a close advisor of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, dismissed US President Donald Trump's recent warnings to Iran as the "empty words" of a "charlatan," according to a report by the semi-official Iranian Student's News Agency.
"Apologies and empty words of sympathy are not enough to undo the damage and great pain that has been caused to an entire community" Diane Abbott, shadow home secretary, on the Windrush scandal.
It appears however that the claims of having learnt from the past were just empty words.Ignoring the advice to resolve the Panamagate issue in Parliament, the PML-N took the matter to the SC.
You will soon learn that I am a man of action and deeds, not of empty words and talks,' Mr.
He said that unfortunately Macedonia had a reform process that wasn't being carried out as quickly as expected and that the government plan 3-6-9 remained but empty words on paper.
"This shows that the assurances by the company that it will not reduce salaries and benefits for employees are just empty words. The plan to outsource the work to people who get paid much less proves this.
The procedure need not be empty words that are not practised in letter and in spirit.
and three other persons in connection with the release of four suspected Abu Sayyaf bandits in 2013.In a nine-page resolution released yesterday, the ombudsman said the complaints were "devoid of evidence" and based on hearsay."Without evidence, allegations are just empty words," the resolution approved by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales read.
We have heard countless promises of investment but it usually proves to be no more than empty words.
Empty words by millionaire ministers who are themselves protected by private health care.
And Dens boss McCann, under fire after five successive defeats earlier in the season, said: "I said to the players the victory against Rangers was fantastic for them because it almost reinforced the work we've been doing was not just empty words.