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loud and confused and empty talk

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And Dens boss McCann, under fire after five successive defeats earlier in the season, said: "I said to the players the victory against Rangers was fantastic for them because it almost reinforced the work we've been doing was not just empty words.
Apparently their convenience is more important than really thanking veterans for our service by taking a spot a few feet away rather than empty words.
As the Budget approaches it is time for the Taoiseach and Housing Minister to replace the empty words with actions.
Addressing a meeting in West Azarbaijan province, Larijani lambasted the US House of Representatives for standing against the deal and violating it repeatedly and asked the US House to stop empty words about the spirit of the agreement.
So using empty words to define this arrangement is not reasonable.
We continue to take action and they continue to spread empty words.
Do they really think that people will support their empty words and won't expect them to take action?
It sadly demonstrates what most of us feared, that for all the talk from the Chancellor of creating a Northern Powerhouse, all we're actually seeing are empty words and cuts to funding.
But the leader of the leftist "GUE" group, Dimitrios Papadimoulis, told Juncker that "the package you presented is just empty words.
The reason why Chinese empty words were chosen as the research objects was that they are said to be elusive (Bao, 1988; Pollard, 2001; Wong, 2001).
There's too much good will and empty words and not enough will to implement.
As fans we no longer want to hear any more pontification from politicians, empty words from owners or statements from self-appointed fans' representatives.
For over 50 years, our leaders have been promising manna, but those promises have proved to be just empty words.
Jennifer Lord persuades and teaches preachers to be custodians or words in an era when the average person is bombarded with empty words, writing, "For preachers, word choice is an action of custody, or, better, custodianship.
The commitments taken by Tunisia and Libya are not empty words, including development commitments,EoACA[yen] he said at a joint press conference with President of the Libyan General National Congress Mohamed Youssef El-Megaryef.