empty tomb

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a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered


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The women who discovered the empty tomb on Easter came prepared for death - they carried spices to anoint a lifeless body.
Sad and fearful, somewhat joyful and hopeful, most certainly perplexed, they saw an empty tomb "and believed.
It is our job as disciples to live "as if," to live the hope and joy of the empty tomb here and now.
As Christians, who see the empty tomb as a sign of Christ's victory over all the death and darkness of this world, we are stone rollers for those who live with the weight and shadow of worry and care.
In the shadow of the tomb and light of the empty tomb, what is expensive oil?
He cited the passage in Mark's Gospel in which women find an empty tomb and an angel who tells them that Jesus is alive.
In one song we meet the angel by the empty tomb, and in another a dirty old man lusts after the twenty-something R&B singer Alicia Keys.
Life flows out from the empty tomb despite the power of death.
The implications of the empty tomb and Resurrection escaped them.
Instead, readers are left with an empty tomb, a mysterious messenger, and a group of women who are too frightened to talk.
It means an empty tomb outside Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago still symbolizes the final victory God will win over every evil, over every emptiness that plagues the human family.
There is no sunrise or morning dew or angel or earthquake or empty tomb.
As Mark's tale closes, the women at the empty tomb find their beloved Jesus as absent from them as God had seemed from Jesus himself on that terrible afternoon two days earlier.