empty nester

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a parent whose children have grown up and left home

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I remember one friend telling me his plan was to do something completely different, like leave the country so the trauma of being an empty nester would be replaced by something very, very different," she says.
Women and Digital Lifestyles special analysis was designed to understand the emerging digital lifestyles of American women and key drivers of adoption in four lifestages: young singles, moms with young kids, moms with tweens/teens and empty nesters.
And, as an Empty Nester myself, I think it's great to have a little help from the Pillsbury Doughboy.
If the empty nesters don't show any signs of leaving their suburban semis, more greenfield land will be needed.
In preparation for Celebrate Empty Nester Month, we fielded a new survey(1) offering insight into the both the practical and emotional adjustments empty nesters make in downsizing to a smaller household.
Once the downtown transformation initiatives are further along, I would expect more empty nesters will consider downtown Rockford when they're ready to downsize," Scott said.
Startup families, younger and older bustling families, and empty nesters are specially enthusiastic buyers, pointing to a greater willingness to sample exotic varieties and share them while entertaining.
Chicklit The Empty Nesters, Nina Bell, Sphere, pounds 7.
I've been surprised by the number of people who are empty nesters and still wanting that bigger house or new house with everything they want.
It may seem like a lot of detail work, but Honda is hoping the reach of the new CR-V extends beyond the young families and empty nesters that buy the current model to include young professionals in need of a comfortable, stylish small SUV.
It's also a terrific value for first time-buyers, young families or empty nesters looking to downsize.
And they have an eye on a host of condo projects planned for downtown, hoping that could mean more students, despite city officials' assessment that the luxury condos would be bought by empty nesters or young professionals.
Empty nesters are expected to have a major impact on the restaurant industry, according to NPD Group.
The American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA) surveyed parents whose children have moved out and learned that nearly half of America's empty nesters will reinvest in their nest by renovating their current home, purchasing a new one, or even by splurging on a vacation home.
That's because empty nesters are not going to sit around the house and cook.