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Synonyms for empty

Synonyms for empty

containing nothing

lacking value, use, or substance

lacking intelligent thought or content

not having a desirable element

to remove the contents of

to pass or pour out

Synonyms for empty

a container that has been emptied

Related Words

become empty or void of its content

leave behind empty

excrete or discharge from the body

holding or containing nothing


devoid of significance or point

needing nourishment

Related Words

emptied of emotion

Related Words

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The bag emptier is a new version of Dinnissen's classic Dima 200 and makes it possible to automatically empty bags while releasing less than 0.
Estate agents report homes are being repossessed, top-of-therange cars are being towed away, 30 percent of those yachts are now for sale and the restaurants are emptier than the Bank of England.
Today those claims sound emptier than ever as she faces up to a possible jail sentence for an astonishing pounds 85,000 benefits fraud by stealing the identity of her sister who doesn't even live in this country.
But when he bumped into Rex's sunlounger the Welsh babe steered him to an emptier patch of ground.
2 percent in January, though the airline flew emptier planes due to high capacity growth.
With pockets getting emptier daily, some 30 businesses, 10 shopping centers and 6 universities now offer free Wi-Fi service.
At Skipton, we've seen first-hand what can happen when people, particularly relative strangers, have bought in haste only to repent at leisure - usually with emptier pockets.
Two years on, they kicked off their UK tour at the slightly emptier ABC.
I know the world is a lot emptier without him here.
A final freeze-frame catches him in midair: a self-portrait of the artist as leaper--as leaping image, Also left in suspense is the question of a coming (thinner, faster, emptier, more abstract) subjectivity that might start again from the zero of today and make the void creative again.
I think without music, (students') lives would have been emptier,'' he said.
These galaxies tend to reside in the emptier regions of the so-called cosmic web, which refers to the spidery distribution of galaxies in the universe.
Three vehicles were involved, a Volvo gully emptier, which was clearing drains, a Volkswagen Polo and a Peugeot 405.
I felt emptier than I ever had been, and sore -- even more sore than I would be when I found, at the end of the term, that he'd lowered my grade.
Tenders are invited for Providing trolly mounted 3000 l vaccum emptier for varangaon municipal council under 14 vitta aayog