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Synonyms for empty

Synonyms for empty

containing nothing

lacking value, use, or substance

lacking intelligent thought or content

not having a desirable element

to remove the contents of

to pass or pour out

Synonyms for empty

a container that has been emptied

Related Words

become empty or void of its content

leave behind empty

excrete or discharge from the body

holding or containing nothing


devoid of significance or point

needing nourishment

Related Words

emptied of emotion

Related Words

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I went on the Kirklees website and reported that my bin had not been emptied.
Christ emptied himself so that my life would not be empty, says Paul.
Nowhere is it said that the Father emptied himself, and in no way is it a logical implication of the self-emptying action of the Son.
For most products, drums must be emptied to one in.
The Cargo Sensor can record the precise time when a load is emptied.