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a woman emperor or the wife of an emperor

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But Empress owner Matthew Settle told the court he was confident he could tackle the alleged issue "faster".
McQueen's analyses of this series of images highlights the transition from Dubufe's Portrait of Empress Eugenie (1853), which shows an unmistakably Spanish-looking subject with the medal of the Order of Maria Luisa draped across her breast, to the later Winterhalter portraits that emphasize pale porcelain skin and fashionable Parisian gowns.
In 1989, when Shima was the Japanese organization's director, she asked the empress to translate some of Mado's works.
LIVE AND STY n Timothy Spall with his porky co-star The Empress
Although it's not surprising Wayne Lordan sticks with Three Sea Captains, whom he has partnered on all four outings, there is a real possibility that Royal Empress will prove more progressive, as well as perhaps holding a slight edge in stamina having had one previous run at today's 7f trip.
The depiction of power became more problematic during Maria Theresa's widowhood, as, normally, a widowed empress retreats from public life.
Empress Audio is a car audio and mobile electronics retailer serving customers throughout the greater Gulfport, Mississippi, region.
NORTH WEST developer and investor Morley Estates has gained planning consent for phase one of Empress Park, in Haydock.
Emperor Akihito has expressed gratitude for Empress Michiko for her understanding and support on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their marriage on Friday.
Woo's fourth book in English on Chinese history tells of Empress Wu Zetian the Great (624-705), the only female sovereign to rule in her own name during all of Chinese history.
THE unlikely gumshoe in this detective tale of ancient Rome is Claudia, a spy for the Empress Helena (mother of the Emperor Constantine) and known to all and sundry as "the little mouse".
The group, which meets regularly at the library, will be discussing the book Empress Orchid by Anchee Min.
The story of the infamous empress dowager features Kit Chan in the title role, supported by popular local artists Hossan Leong, Sebastian Tan and Cynthia Lee.
Naturally, the prospect of an empress has riled the country's old guard and divided the imperial family.
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