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invested with legal power or official authority especially as symbolized by having a scepter

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I am empowered to advance the cost of your preparations for your marriage out of that fund.
Empowered Empathy Rose Rosetree Women's Intuition Worldwide 116 Hillsdale Dr, Sterling, VA 20164 0975253816 $49.
But Rick believes he has a team that doesn't feel empowered despite his best efforts to empower them.
Many powerful, well-known women aren't externally beautiful in the classic sense, but are the epitome of empowered.
London, a wireless infrastructure software firm, has released its Java-based Empowered WAP Gateway to the open source community.
So what differentiates the empowering leader from the empowered leader?
In fact, employees are more than motivated--they are empowered.
Leaders don't simply wave a wand and say, "You are empowered, go forth and do quality things.
The process of empowering an individual or a system, means "to give power or authority to; to authorize; as, the president is empowered to veto legislation" (Webster, 1978, p.
This network upgrade program demonstrates TELUS' leadership in the Canadian marketplace," said Glen Emo, chief executive officer of Empowered Networks.
NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency products and services, and Empowered Networks, a leading independent solutions integrator and one of Symmetricom's key partners in Canada, today announced SynCan2006, the 4th annual meeting tailored for telecom synchronization users in Canada.
A Tekon professional will also demonstrate Empowered Daily and Empowered Plus Weekly sprays that are contained in home kits so users can maintain surfaces, stainless steel, and kitchen appliances and bring them back to their original luster.
and TORONTO -- Software Quality Optimization Leader Announces Partnership with Empowered Networks to Provide Solutions, Services and Training to Canadian Market
For the latter, Childtime's new, proprietary curriculum, The Empowered Child(TM), provides children with well-rounded educational experiences- focusing on traditional educational topics, such as language and math, as well as new research-supported subjects, such as self-esteem and social interactions.