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contract between employer and employee

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According to the company, its board of directors has extended the employment agreement with Olving, which means that she will remain in office at the latest until 15 May 2019.
An employment agreement is the foundation of a good employment relationship, clearly setting out expectations for both employers and employees, and helping to avoid disputes.
The taxpayers contended that the scope of "for cause" in the regulation is not necessarily identical to the scope the parties had given the phrase in the employment agreements.
If one taxpayer were terminated "with cause, as defined in Section 7 of the Employment Agreement," he would likewise be deemed to have offered to sell all of his stock to tin- company.
If you do not have an employment agreement, have one drafted promptly, Make sure it protects your intellectual property by having an experienced intellectual property lawyer involved.
Accordingly, in order to reduce exposure to employment claims in a cost-effective manner, employers should consider including contractual limitation period provisions in their employment agreements, handbooks and applications.
Hence, employment agreements and routine transactions between the employee and the employer may be subject to disclosure under the regulations, standard vendor and supply agreements, (7) straightforward stock or asset acquisitions, and standard licensing agreements.
Yuen, would be receiving as part of his five-year employment agreement.
Although Conrad opted not to stay on at Votenet Solutions, the company honored the employment agreement for Ellison, who is currently director of marketing.
They may also may place your business in a vulnerable position if they have not entered into an employment agreement.
The most important thing every physician executive should know about an Employment Agreement (EA) is this: It should never be the deciding factor as you consider and choose a new position.
Covering the basics in an employment agreement affords you some protection.
Biopharmaceutical company Ampio harmaceuticals Inc (NYSE MKT:AMPE) reported on Monday the termination of its chief financial officer employment agreement with Gregory Gould.
In the recent Employment Relations Authority (ERA) case Zeold NZLtd v Bernard, Mr Bernard was found to have breached his employment agreement at least 263 times, with actions including:
At no time did the father have an employment agreement with Martin Ice Cream (MIC).
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