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Synonyms for employment

Synonyms for employment

the act of employing for wages

the state of being employed


the condition of being put to use

Synonyms for employment

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The ESP participants (Ps) were required to resign, and to agree to a waiver of all claims arising out of employment with the district, including claims under the Michigan Tenure Act.
However, the Supreme Court ruled that in cases where the harassment culminates in a tangible employment action, the employer is vicariously liable regardless of whether the employer had preventive anti-harassment policies in place and regardless of whether the employer took remedial action once learning of the conduct.
But they are crucial to all economies in providing formal employment for new entrants to the workforce and also unskilled workers--a group whose only alternatives are informal (and therefore illegal) work or welfare.
Van Lieshout (2001) discusses the Business Leadership Network, which is an employer led coalition with networks throughout the country promoting employment of people with disabilities, as a "talented, motivated source of untapped labor" (p.
A first multivariate analysis assessed associations between employment changes and infant birth weight as a continuous variable, taking into account other factors possibly influencing birth weight (maternal age, race and prepregnancy weight; alcohol use and smoking during pregnancy; and infant sex).
Newsask Community Futures Development Corporation Northeast Supported Employment Program.
The summer employment rates of the nation's teens rose with their household incomes until incomes of more than $60,000 were reached, the Northeastern study said.
Researchers asked 400 former prisoners released into the Chicago area about employment four to eight months after release.
When a domestic employee walks through the door for the first time, the household becomes a place of employment, and the homeowner becomes an employer who can be held liable for obscene, discriminatory or offensive conduct.
These transition plans are designed to outline a set of coordinated activities to assist students in transitioning to postsecondary activities including employment or education (McCrea & Miller, 1999).
The lack of opportunity to gain the experience and confidence through job training and summer employment combined with low expectations and minimal social skills or disability-specific techniques leave them ill-prepared to enter the workforce.
There is no indication, however, that the IRS intends to retreat from its historic ruling position that differential payments to former employees called to active duty by the Federal government or into federal service as a member of the National Guard are not wages for employment tax purposes because the employment relationship was "interrupted.
The analysis looked at unemployment during the current and past five recessions, as well as labor force growth and employment gains in the year following those recessions.
As military reservists temporarily leave their civilian jobs in the wake of the terrorist attacks, employers and the attorneys who advise them are struggling to understand their legal obligations," said David Feldman, product manager for BNA Employment & Labor Law Information Services.
Over the past five years, employment conditions in Northeastern Ontario were relatively stable, with employment growth of less than 1 percent between 1995 and 1999.
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