employee-owned enterprise

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a commercial enterprise owned by the people who work for it

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Universal School Choice and Converting Public Schools to Employee-Owned Enterprises
To reverse the decline in productivity, Vedder (2000) offers a creative proposal to inject more competition among providers and choice for consumers into the K-12 school system, by converting American public schools into for-profit, employee-owned enterprises.
Perhaps it is time to heed Vedder's advice for public K-12 education and expand competition and choice through vouchers, tax credits, and by converting individual public schools into autonomous, employee-owned enterprises.
The coefficient on the dummy variable indicating employee ownership is negative and statistically significant whether country controls or country dummies are included in the analysis, indicating that employee-owned enterprises are less likely to have Internet access that state-owned enterprises.
1 percent chance of having Internet access; employee-owned enterprises have a 17.
30) Similarly, employee-owned enterprises, which appear to perform worse than other enterprises, might have fewer resources for investment.
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