employee turnover

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the ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers

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Businesses with an employee stock ownership model are often more productive, grow faster and have less employee turnover, but unfortunately many small business owners simply dont have enough information or lack the resources to transition into these plans.
The deteriorating sales revenue, declining performance, lack of efficiency and constant employee turnover is gradually wearing away the mission and vision of Rozee.
Hewitt Associates reported that the employee turnover rate in the year 2010 was 10.
Studies of employee turnover mainly focus on the aspect of the employee.
Although the past two decades have been marked by steady growth of the economy and the number of jobs, both favored by the end of high inflation in mid-1994, this period is also characterized by higher employee turnover.
According to Foreman (2009) there is a negative relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover whereas occupation is associated with job satisfaction and employees turnover.
Tews, assistant professor of hospitality management, Penn State, said that in the hospitality industry, employee turnover is notoriously high because restaurant jobs are highly substitutable-if you don't like your job at Chili's you can go to TGI Friday's down the street.
Keywords: Talent management, Human resource management, employee turnover intention, organizational efficiency.
This article discusses how an examination of a study on the relationship between employer-provided training and development and employee turnover may reveal how such a relationship has consequences for investment in individual, organisational, and industry skill development.
Employee turnover in early 2012 gave no indication that worker separations will return to pre-recession levels any time soon.
Limiting employee turnover is widely accepted as a goal by organizations and by academic researchers because of the explicit and implicit costs associated with it.
This situation has not helped the industry in maintaining a steady workflow or aid the industry in reducing the stigma attached to it by people as an industry with high employee turnover rate.
Employee turnover within the field of corrections continues to be one of the major challenges faced by correctional administrators.
Exploring innovative cost reduction, employee turnover, community relations, market share and productivity and profits, The Phoenix Principles offers a plethora of useful and empowering information designed from and attributable to years of involvement and experience with subject particular operation.
Not surprisingly, the employee turnover is minimal.
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