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a plan that allows employees to contribute to an investment pool managed the employer

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TAKAUD's new Employee Savings Plan provides companies with the ability to motivate and retain employees by creating an efficient saving structure for each member of staff.
The Employee Savings Plan can be customized to suit all types of businesses from small privately owned entities to large multinationals.
The Ruling: Judge David Ebel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals delivered the opinion of the court, affirming the District Court's decision that PPG Industries' Employee Savings Plan was not responsible for the repayment of funds that had been disbursed to participant William Foster's ex-wife.
During that time, he was a participant in the PPG Industries Employee Savings Plan, a plan governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).
Dubai: Some companies are slowly warming up to the idea of establishing an employee savings plan as an alternative to a pension scheme, but it's not widely popular with private sector employers right now.
In 2011, National Bonds launched its own Employee Savings Plan (ESP) as a vehicle for companies to help workers improve their personal lives.
This individual savings market offering will complement our corporate 'Employee Savings Plan' which we recently introduced to the market.
It also provides comprehensive benefits including an employee savings plan with an employer matching contribution and flexible work arrangements such as a 35-hour work week and telecommuting options.
Speculation on some of the reasons for the spike in November included a move by the French Ministry of Finance that allowed employees to make withdrawals from employee savings plans. The extra cash flowing into household spending is likely to stimulate economic growth since household spending is the biggest part of the economy, said Bloomberg, referring to a statement from the senior economist at France's biggest stock brokerage.
Lizzio, senior vice president, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Garden City, N.Y., retirees generally turn to the following sources of income: Social Security benefits; earnings (including part-time jobs); personal savings and investments, including IRA account(s) or additional employee savings plans; and company retirement plans.
Companies with publicly traded stock often use ESOPs to complement other employee savings plans. "Rather than matching employee savings with cash, the company will match them with stock from an ESOP, often at a higher matching level," according to the NCEO.
While TAKAUD offers its Wealth Management clients the best value proposition available for its strong investment platform of bespoke strategies, mutual funds and complete placement services for bonds, shares and other securities, the company also makes all of its investments available-at exceptionally low fee structure-to employees of companies with TAKAUD Employee Savings Plans. This enables employees to save monthly while investing in top-quality investment products.
But in 2014, total SRI products held by retail investors (especially through employee savings plans or life insurance policies) reached EU40.9 billion (or 18% of the market), compared with EU182 billion held by institutional investors.
Without such access restrictions, most companies offering employee savings plans in the region allow employees immediate access to funds when they leave the company and/ or the country.
The study revealed that 56% of African Americans and 65% of Hispanics join such employee savings plans compared with 77% of whites and 76% of Asians.
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