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Synonyms for employee

one who is employed by another

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Plant managers who had permitted me and my colleague Peg Holmes, ABC, to interview several of their employees in 1978 decided to share that employee data with the group at Chevrolet.
On acceptance of the RSC'S offer, the employee signed and delivered a blank deed to the RSC.
Among the kinds of information that should be displayed on a bulletin board are notices about company policies, work rules, employee events, and job openings and requirements.
Complicating that issue, employers aren't allowed to inquire into the medical history of an employee or employee's family member when evaluating whether a condition qualifies for FMLA leave.
Unless (managers) have kept really good notes and documented specific instances, they're never going to get it through the Civil Service Commission, especially if (the employee is) represented by a union,'' Sperling said.
An employment contract can be implied in fact when the employee has enjoyed longevity at the company and the employer has, over the course of many years, made statements or undertaken acts that suggest the employee will only be terminated for cause.
24) If an employee, despite the efforts to provide training, is unable to perform the functions required of that position, then the employer must place the employee in a position of equivalent seniority, status and pay, provided the employee is qualified to perform that job.
However, there is anecdotal evidence that EAPs create savings from reduced employee turnover, lower absenteeism, reduced medical costs, lower unemployment insurance rates, lower workers' compensation rates, lower accident costs and lower disability insurance costs.
In its first three years it has made long-term loans to the all employee buyouts of five enterprises.
THE RIGHTS OF THE RETURNING EMPLOYEE SUPERSEDE the rights of anyone hired to replace him or her, even if the replacement ends up with no position as a result.
Tom Laughren, quality assurance manager for Gorf Contracting in Timmins, says he is very proud of the employees at Gorf Contracting for achieving the Category 1 Award with more than 100,000 man-hours without lost-time injury in 1999 and 2000.
Now, in 20002-2003, a cut of approximately 250 employee authorizations--or 10 percent of MTMC's work force--will take place effective June 30, 2003.
org), in New York City, says that most managers, supervisors, and employees don't get the true benefits of employee evaluations because they're uncomfortable communicating with each other.
The conflict emerges if a nurse or physician instructs a fellow employee, such as a patient care technician, to perform a task.