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Synonyms for employ

in the service of


  • in the service of
  • employed by
  • hired by
  • engaged by
  • in the payroll of

Synonyms for employ

to obtain the use or services of

to make busy

the state of being employed

Synonyms for employ

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Montgomeryshire Conservative MP Glyn Davies states: "I employ my spouse, Bobbie Davies, as Senior Secretary.
But in an interview shortly afterwards with community radio station Newport City Radio, Mr Asghar said Plaid's then leader Ieuan Wyn Jones had told him he could not employ his daughter Natasha.
Owen Paterson (Con *North Shropshire) employs his wife Rose Paterson as a Parliamentary assistant and secretary.
The technique employs a group of measuring probes, a continuous mixer and an acid-solution tank and metering system.
Mark Pritchard (Con, The Wrekin) employs his wife Sondra Pritchard as office manager.
Project Employ conducted surveys relating to the use of rehabilitation services for people with HIV/AIDS, for state VR agencies, ASO's, and members of the American Rehabilitation Association.
Other senior ministers to employ relatives include Environment Secretary Hilary Benn, who employs his wife as a "research/parliamentary assistant", and Housing Minister Caroline Flint, whose husband is an "office manager".
But by adding Subchapter C corporations, these firms would employ 3.
73 applies whenever auditors use a specialist's work as evidential matter in performing substantive tests to evaluate material financial statement assertions, regardless of whether management engages or employs the specialist, management engages a specialist employed by the auditor's firm to provide advisory services or the auditor engages the specialist.
CPBOSH, NISH and the rehabilitation agencies all work together to ensure that the JWOD Program works smoothly in its mission to employ people with severe disabilities.
However, Welsh women entrepreneurs employ more than five members of staff per company, whereas self-employed men employ just over two, on average.
Within that time, a specialty and area will be restricted whenever SMHS employs (or, with the proposed hiring, would employ) at least four physicians in that specialty and area and at least 40 percent of the active and licensed physicians practicing in that specialty and area.