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Synonyms for employ

in the service of


  • in the service of
  • employed by
  • hired by
  • engaged by
  • in the payroll of

Synonyms for employ

to obtain the use or services of

to make busy

the state of being employed

Synonyms for employ

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Anglesey Labour MP Albert Owen states: "I employ my son-in-law, Samuel Blyth, as Senior Parliamentary Assistant.
Lord Wigley told us: "My view remains that AMs should not employ members of their own family.
Bill Olner (Lab *Nuneaton) employs his wife Gillian Olner as a part-time secretary.
Mark Pritchard (Con, The Wrekin) employs his wife Sondra Pritchard as office manager.
The two Tories are Ted Brocklebank, who employs his sister Pat Anthony, and Jamie McGrigor, who employs his wife Emma.
These calciners are internally fired and employ a unique fluidizing plate.
Five MPs employ more than one member of their family.
The Project EMPLOY program battles widespread stigma faced by capable individuals with mental retardation, brain injuries, autism, and psychiatric disabilities.
This subset excludes two risky jobs in the construction industry--construction helpers and laborers--which employ far more wage and salary workers than self-employed individuals.
As noted above, due to high turnover, in a given year temporary-help firms employ five to seven times more workers than they send out on an average day.
Seventeen AMs either employ a relative, or have done in the past, according to an analysis of entries in the Register of Members' Interests.
84-77, applies when one company (successor) acquires substantially all of the property of another (predecessor), and continues to employ the workers of the predecessor firm in the same calendar year in which the acquisition occurs.