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Synonyms for employ

in the service of


  • in the service of
  • employed by
  • hired by
  • engaged by
  • in the payroll of

Synonyms for employ

to obtain the use or services of

to make busy

the state of being employed

Synonyms for employ

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The other Tory AMs who employ family members are Darren Millar, Mark Isherwood, Janet Finch-Saunders, Angela Burns and Mohammad Asghar.
Now in his third political party, Mr Reckless has employed his wife Catorina Reckless as a senior advisor for 37 hours (previously 29.6) a week, earning up to PS40,972 since December 2016.
According to Rotimi Amaechi, who inspected the Lagos-Ibadan rail project in Ibadan and Abeokuta, 'Sometimes around July, I asked that Nigerian engineers be employed on this project to understudy the work being done.
In the manufacturing sector, Micro firms employ up to 20 people and have a turnover of Dh10 million or less.
Many agency-hired workers were employed in transportation and storage at 5.6 percent, or 38,511 firms; accommodation and food service activities, 5.5 percent, or 38,148 firms; and administrative and support-services activities, 4.6 percent, or 32,027 firms.
Fellow Nat Alex Neil has employed his wife Isabella as an office manager since 1999 while Sandra White's son Christopher has been her assistant since 2006.
Bill Olner (Lab *Nuneaton) employs his wife Gillian Olner as a part-time secretary.
The SNP MSPs include Nicola Sturgeon, who employs her mother Joan, Brian Adam, who employs his son Alan, Willie Coffey, who employs his sister Helen, Angela Constance, who employs her mother-in-law Mary Knox, and Kenneth Gibson, who employs wife Patricia.
Iain Wright, also pictured, MP for Hartlepool since 2004, employs his wife Tiffany as a caseworker.
In addition to common sense and conscientious melt handling, melt treatments such as degassing, flux injection, and filtration are typically the in-process steps employed to control and remove these impurities.
According to Coletti, many non-union construction sites in town employ illegal aliens, sometimes in less-than-ideal working conditions.
Criminal subjects, particularly drug violators and organized crime figures, employ a variety of measures to detect surveillance, including the use of neighborhood lookouts and tail cars.
Against an Ace-Twins set or sets that employ H-Backs, the SB and the Flip (who will be walked out as explained earlier) will reroute the receivers.