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Synonyms for empiricism

the application of empirical methods in any art or science

medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings


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At the risk of stating the obvious, these definitions of radical empiricism are not equivalent; one can be a radical empiricist in the first sense without affirming radical empiricism in the second sense, and vice versa.
Deeply interdisciplinary, Bennett's argument is convincingly developed as part of a rich and complex study of four crucial historical moments, marked by tensions between empiricism and rationalism, which helped produce these dramas and which these dramas helped produce.
First, each Essay shows how empiricism cannot be divorced from
Many of them, especially those related to scientific practices, require background knowledge of the core concepts of feminist epistemology, such as contextual empiricism, feminist standpoint theory or situated knowledge.
The duality of the Common Sense tradition, whereby empiricism is amalgamated with an (idealistic) intuitionalism is what makes it for Budge a distinctly Romantic empiricism.
In so far as James' radical empiricism inclines toward pluralism, as it actually does, Wilkinson is correct to say that Nishida stresses the unity of experience far more than James does.
How were the traditional contributions of positivism, observation, and even empiricism itself to be upheld, given the decidedly nonobservational, inferential, and computational advancements in the areas of the very small (atomic theory, quantum mechanics) and the very large (relativity theory)?
355), "the discontinuity created by the sprouting of empiricism .
It also sponsored an empiricism that undermined Aristotelian insistence on grounding natural philosophy in knowledge of causes.
Written for readers of all ages and backgrounds, Discovery of Motion offers a fascinating glimpse of "the big picture" of human understanding, with especial attention paid to principles of empiricism versus idealism.
By contrast, those Liberal pragmatists who could once be counted upon for constructive participation in policymaking have retired to their ivory towers, been consumed by post-modern theories that have caused them to "reject empiricism in favor of identity politics," and, as a result, have been in "denial of conservative control of social policy" and failed to provide an alternative to the obsolete paradigm that was the hallmark of the twentieth century.
Scientific empiricism seeks inductive confirmation of a theory by reducing problems to the smallest elements that can be experimentally manipulated.
This declaration simply beggars all reasonable religious belief, and exacerbates the ineptness of the modern day, devoid of empiricism, Catholic Church.
Nevertheless, for historians of 20th-century Mexico, it provides the best study to date of the course of the Mexican labor movement in this very important industrial region, privileging empiricism over theory and making clear that workers were actors in their own behalf, pawns of neither industrialists nor the centralizing State.
But our future politics is more likely to forge consensus than that of the past, because we are on the cusp of a golden age of social science empiricism that will help bring a greater measure of agreement on the consequences of public policy.