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A particular type of systematic review of research literature has come to be strongly associated with identifying empirically supported treatments for use in evidence-based practice.
A total of 33 (28%) patients were empirically treated for STIs but remained unaware of their infections, putting their partners at risk and themselves at risk for reinfection from positive untreated partners.
Empirically supported psychological interventions:Controversies and evidence.
The power of empirically based science is its ability to explain the events of nature in terms of physical laws.
The first booklet (sixteen pages) aimed to enhance positive attitudes and familiarize boys with the camp; the second booklet (twelve pages) aimed to educate parents and children about homesickness phenomenology and provide instructions on empirically validated ways to cope with it.
Key-words: Dodo-bird verdict; Empirically supported therapies; Therapeutic relationship; Functional Analytic Psychotherapy.
Lapan (personal communication, October 2004) points out that CSCPs provide the vehicle for delivering empirically supported interventions, and we agree with that position.
Despite all evidence of their historically factual origins, the represented rooms can hardly be empirically reconstructed.
XcelENTS provided the media relations team with an empirically based instrument to directly measure output and the department's influence on the news media.
All patients had recovered satisfactorily by the time stool culture results were available, and antimicrobial therapy was not necessary, except for the patient who was given ciprofloxacin empirically.
As such, all the chapters without exception are empirically rich and there is much fascinating detail on the many facets of urban life for the poor.
I'm hoping that people will-see when you study it empirically, it's not the case," Biernbaum said.
While awaiting the results of a culture, we ordered computed tomography (CT) of the paranasal sinuses and treated the patient empirically with a fourth-generation quinolone (gatifloxacin) and a topical nasal steroid spray.
Empirically treat adults with a clinical prediction score of 4; perform rapid test on those with a score of 2 or 3, and treat those with positive results.
Concluding that the map is 'at once empirically rooted and imaginatively liberated and liberating', he makes the case for the map as a prosthetic extension of the human body, highlighting the significance of digital mapping technologies not as new, but as the continuation of an important thread of architectural discourse.
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