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Synonyms for empirical

Synonyms for empirical

derived from experiment and observation rather than theory

relying on medical quackery


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The Empirical family of companies, with its 19+ years of operational experience, can decrease your time to market by 20%-30% and achieve regulatory clearance--the first time.
The researchers hypothesize that empirical economics research has grown in quality as well as quantity.
They cover Charismatic prophecy; Charismatic women and prophetic activity; the symbolism of glossolalia; the practice of glossolalia; empirical-theological models of the Trinity; God, gender, and social roles; socialization and empirical studies; family socialization, Pentecostal spirituality, and godly love; socialization and the giving of time and money; and healing as an expression of godly love.
When you partner with Empirical, you are working with active ASTM committee members, experts in the current regulatory requirements, and product development cycles.
In empirical legal studies (ELS) research methods from the social sciences are used to examine research questions in the legal sciences in order to study the operative and functional aspects of the law and their effects.
The past three decades have seen an exponential increase in the number of empirical studies investigating entrepreneurial phenomena.
According to his categorization, the epistemological divide between universalistic disciplinary/theoretical research tradition and particularistic area-specific empirical research tradition (that is, area studies) are broadly converted into, and based on, a methodological divide between quantitative research techniques and qualitative research techniques.
M2 PHARMA-January 20, 2015-Abattis Bioceuticals signs manufacturing contract with Empirical Labs
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 20, 2015-Abattis Bioceuticals signs manufacturing contract with Empirical Labs
ABSTRACT: This paper shall review on the estimation of distribution function for both parametric and nonparametric empirical likelihood method.
1 of The Writing Center Journal, an issue that embraces a range of empirical research and highlights the ways we make knowledge in our writing centers.
While claiming the mantle of empirical analysis, Hope actually engages in a game of "let's play pretend.
The essays cover the development of labeling theory, review empirical tests used to "diagnose" subjects, and finally deal with specific empirical tests used to closely pinpoint the subject's issues.
Highland Risk Services has inked an exclusive partnership with Ironshore for offering liability insurance for the Empirical Risk program, which is aimed specifically for Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and recognizes and rewards CCRCs for their designation as best in class among long-term care industry groups.
in the field, to provide a sense of why empirical work has become so