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Synonyms for empiric

relying on medical quackery


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derived from experiment and observation rather than theory


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Empiric said that, historically, the property has let well, although in the 2015/16 academic year lettings were impacted by the construction of a major new hotel next door.
An additional two locations have been determined to be excellent prospects, and Empiric Energy, Inc.
A-2 well will be directly attributed to the Empiric shares currently issued and outstanding.
Empiric said that the Lawrence Street development comprises the redevelopment of two existing listed buildings, together with a newly built wing, to create a premium student accommodation scheme with a mix of studios and flats with one, two, three and five bedrooms, as well as communal facilities.
29 March 2016 - UK-based student housing owner/operator Empiric Student Property plc (LSE: ESP) has acquired the freehold of an 83 bed, premium student accommodation property in Reading, England for a consideration of GBP 13m (USD 18.
He reported that Empiric increased its ownership from 13% to 18% in the approximately 1000-acre South Thornwell Field.
20 February 2018 - UK-based student housing owner and operator Empiric Student Property plc (LSE: ESP) has acquired the freehold of a 240 bed student accommodation property in Southampton, the Emily Davies Halls of Residence, for GBP 10.
This includes an 8m contract at Solly Street Sheffield for premium student accommodation provider Empiric, which owns and operates student accommodation nationwide.
Thus, the initial empiric treatment of a skin or soft tissue infection or invasive infection in a child almost always includes an antibiotic effective against S.
Empiric Student Property plc and property development company S Harrison Developments Ltd have agreed terms for the sale of Metrovick House, on Northumberland Road.
DENVER -- Penicillin allergies are no reason to forego empiric beta-lactam therapy in patients whose blood is infected with gram-negative bacilli, according to results from a retrospective study.
market, Fujifilm opened a sales partnership with Empiric in 2006 to combine SYNAPSE and Empiric's RIS product in a seamless-operational solution for sales expansion.
The trend in primary care is toward empiric treatment to control symptoms, and away from a strict diagnosis in patients who have no alarm symptoms such as hematemesis.
write, "In areas with a high prevalence of CA-MRSA [community acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus], empiric treatment for skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) with [beta]-lactam agents such as cephalexin may no longer be appropriate.
The findings suggest that empiric therapy for chronic pelvic pain, rather than diagnostic laparoscopy with excision, may be an appropriate approach to treatment, Dr.