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Synonyms for emphysema

an abnormal condition of the lungs marked by decreased respiratory function

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He will, he knows, drown in the flooding ditch of his own lungs (unlike his emphysemic father who had fetched up on an airless desert, who, as he pulled for breath, tugged on J's sleeve and croaked, cigarette).
Reducing his voice to an emphysemic growl and frequently slurring his speech, Nolte is toweringly funny as a sad-sack curmudgeon who, for all his ills, never becomes pathetic.
There's something uniquely awful about watching actors struggling with this sort of emphysemic material.
MEMPHIS ta3 = emphysemic, membership, midshipmen, morphemics
They thought I was this emphysemic old goat who'd only make it half-way round and they'd have to call an ambulance, but I was fine.