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Synonyms for emphasizing

the act of giving special importance or significance to something

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Then by means of the Myth of Pandora the poet shows how evil and the need for work first arose, and goes on to describe the Five Ages of the World, tracing the gradual increase in evil, and emphasizing the present miserable condition of the world, a condition in which struggle is inevitable.
His lifted hand, solemnly emphasizing what he said, dropped at his side.
Get out wid yeh; yeh talk too much wid yer mouth," quoted Patsy, emphasizing his remarks with flourishes of the knife and fork.
When I ask for a garment of a particular form, my tailoress tells me gravely, "They do not make them so now," not emphasizing the "They" at all, as if she quoted an authority as impersonal as the Fates, and I find it difficult to get made what I want, simply because she cannot believe that I mean what I say, that I am so rash.
He warned her, however, to abandon so foolish and dangerous an adventure, emphasizing what she already quite well knew, that if she escaped harm at the hands of Bukawai and his demons, the chances were that she would not be so fortunate with the great carnivora of the jungle through which she must pass going and returning.
And remember," added the Doctor, emphasizing the words, "a good sound thrashing before the whole house.
But there is a further point which needs emphasizing, namely, that a belief that something is desired has often a tendency to cause the very desire that is believed in.
The horses can be taken out and I will see no one," he said in answer to the porter, with a certain pleasure, indicative of his agreeable frame of mind, emphasizing the words, "see no one.
Let him never come a nigh me to ask me my forgiveness,' said the father, again emphasizing his words with the knife.
The progression of poles and towers echoes the cars that rumble past them, emphasizing the movement that is my message.
The bigger your TV, the better you'll like ``Discovery Atlas,'' a new travelogue series emphasizing grand-scale, exotic vistas while mixing in more intimate portraits of those who inhabit the lands the series explores.
emphasizing the dramatization of theatrical presentations of Japan;
Again Cardinal Ratzinger preached the sermon at the Mass preceding the election, and Weigel described it as classic Cardinal Ratzinger--richly biblical, emphasizing God's mercy and the importance of friendship with Christ, deftly drawing on theologians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans Urs von Balthasar, calling his brother-cardinals to a "holy restlessness," a restlessness to bring everyone the gift of faith.
The wide-spread prevalence of youth gangs and their sub-cultures of violence together with the availability of guns and other weapons have contributed to a predictable societal reaction emphasizing the value of public safety over the important and sometimes competing value of rehabilitation.
Rather than emphasizing the "labor" aspect of Chinese exclusion, she emphasizes the "western" part of the equation, arguing that the late 19th-century U.