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After the audience, members of the BiH Presidency also met with Secretary of State of the Holy See Cardinal Pietro Parolin, where they emphasized that bilateral relations between BiH and the Holy See are friendly and that there is agreement on the most important political issues.
He emphasized the faculty to incorporate modern teaching methodologies to prepare students for global competition.
There's a brother/sister dynamic between the two fighters, and it's emphasized more by the anime-drawn cutscenes.
With state mandated testing, reading of test items alone is emphasized and yet there are many other ways of revealing what has been achieved.
Of course, the positive effects of this major investment on Brazilian society were also emphasized.
This paper proposes that consultation with Latino students requires focus on areas currently not emphasized in current consultation models.
This is especially emphasized in the separation of cultures in the expulsion of Muslims from southern Europe at the end of the fifteenth century, along with the anti-Jewish pogroms and internecine strife among Christians that made for a bloody sixteenth century.
In general, an empirical approach is emphasized in these case studies with the consequence that the conclusions drawn may not necessarily apply to coalfields elsewhere with different geological settings.
We've emphasized the running style of play because the break:
Instead of relying on the usual messages of yield and agronomics, we emphasized the unique opportunity that Nexera offers," he says.
The motivation both for Boerhaave's early study of the human body as a machine and for his subsequent drift away from mechanism to seminalism, Knoeff claims, was his lifelong commitment to a Calvinist framework, which emphasized both the inherent limitations of human reason (owing to the Fall of Adam) and the value of understanding God through an empirical study of Creation, which would reveal His providence.
He emphasized that there was a need to "respect the international order.
emphasized the need for additional sampling to identify hot spots where dioxins are particularly concentrated in animal forage and feed.
The ability to diagnose WNV in the laboratory emphasized the role of pathology, including histopathology, electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, polymerase chain reaction, and virus isolation.
A summary of the focus group sessions, including participants' most emphasized free-listing responses (the top 3-4 responses) and major discussion themes from the content analysis, is presented here.