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Synonyms for emphasised

spoken with emphasis

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Talking to Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, Ali Fikrat Oglu Alizada here on Tuesday, the president also emphasised the need for exploring investment opportunities in energy and tourism sectors.
Of course, Bacon emphasised the political support for the advancement of learning and was seeking for patronage, and in Jacobean England this could only come from the king or the court.
The curve of the ceilings is continued and emphasised in the aluminium horizontal members that form the edge to each floorplate.
There are, none the less, interesting and important nuggets of information, although not emphasised by the authors, which might give readers reason to pause and reflect.
The square slopes down westwards towards the embankment, where the station entrance is emphasised by a timber canopy that welcomes you into the shallow vaulted concrete bridge structure that links the two sides of the town at original ground level.