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spoken with emphasis

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There are, none the less, interesting and important nuggets of information, although not emphasised by the authors, which might give readers reason to pause and reflect.
Profusely illustrated and clearly written, the book is an important addition to the spate of books about skyscrapers that have emphasised the importance of architects and architecture in shaping our cities.
The square slopes down westwards towards the embankment, where the station entrance is emphasised by a timber canopy that welcomes you into the shallow vaulted concrete bridge structure that links the two sides of the town at original ground level.
The slots are emphasised by simple structural gymnastics in their roofs, where inverted triangular trusses emphasise the route upwards.
The nave-like properties of the long volume are emphasised by pairs of slender white tubular columns and Mostaza suggests that the `large central space is underscored by a series of concentric peristyles [of square white concrete columns] which deal with the Islamic ambiguity of the large isotropic reading room with a western, lineal conception of space'.