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Synonyms for emphasis

Synonyms for emphasis

special weight placed upon something considered important

Synonyms for emphasis

special importance or significance

intensity or forcefulness of expression

special and significant stress by means of position or repetition e

the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch)

References in classic literature ?
Does he produce his impressions by full enumeration of details, or by emphasis on prominent or characteristic details?
Romanticism, which in general prevails in modern literature, lays most emphasis on independence and fulness of expression and on strong emotion, and it may be comparatively careless of form.
"'Eh, you love another man, and have entered into criminal intrigues with him?'" (Mimicking her husband, she threw an emphasis on the word "criminal," as Alexey Alexandrovitch did.) " 'I warned you of the results in the religious, the civil, and the domestic relation.
Question #4: What is the level of emphasis given to CRT?
The other dimension of Catholicism that is so attractive to Catholics is its emphasis on community--an emphasis diametrically opposed to the emphasis on the individual that is so much part of American culture.
Emphasis said that while his body was aching, he was grateful that he was alive.
should put more emphasis on nuclear power, while 33% favor less emphasis and 28% think the emphasis should remain the same as it is now.
There is little current information available on the emphasis given to different sexual health topics in the training provided in Canadian medical schools.
Emphasis Video is currently owned by Swiss PubliGroupe AG and provides airline rights for Asian feature films and TV programmes.
Emphasis: Pedagogy, repertoire, technique and workshops.
The 24 states and two territories which operate their own OSHA programs are encouraged, but not required, to adopt a similar emphasis program.
CSB recommended that OSHA issue new regulations on combustible dust and implement a Special Emphasis Program.
Former President Deng Xiaoping, who began China's market-oriented reforms, appears in the junior and senior high school versions, with emphasis on his economic vision.