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Synonyms for empathetic

cognizant of and comprehending the needs, feelings, problems, and views of others

Synonyms for empathetic

showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states


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The findings also confirmed that women are, on average, more empathetic than men.
Empathetic leaders understand that there isn't on ly one solution to any problem.
You are not just baking it into the culture but you are hiring people who are empathetic.
She was incredibly empathetic to others and she was one of my most talented students in her year'.
The UAE has been ranked among the world's most empathetic nations, according to a new report published this month in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.
The consultants are more empathetic in DOW University of Health Sciences.
Borba is known for building frameworks to build moral children while providing parents and educators how-to guides to build character and develop empathetic kids.
desire to bear wi t iiess those who have perished and to preserve the memories of the dead for future generations More important, the novel focuses on the ability of an empathetic listener to share the burden of trauma by providing sustenance Lo trauma survivors.
One benefit is more cohesive communication and collaboration, which also lends itself to an empathetic sensibility.
Contract notice: Provide families facing the loss of a child a home phone and empathetic where appropriate, referral to the monitoring unit of families.
What the Wales NHS needs is for nurses and doctors to be given the time to care for patients in an empathetic way and for an empathetic ethos within our hospitals.
A true treasure for any pet lover with many full-color photographs, "Citizen Mitten" is a pick to be considered for any empathetic cat lover.
To become an effective listener, he advocates empathetic listening putting oneself in the other person's place and seeing the world from his or her point of view.
Clinical practice for people with schizophrenia; a humanistic and empathetic encounter.
Vaill's book, then, is more of a psychological journey, sensitive to echoes and allusions, and steadfastly empathetic.