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Synonyms for empanel

enter into a list of prospective jurors


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select from a list

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There is facility of Inter Provincial / Inter District Portability for availing free of cost services from any empaneled hospital across Pakistan.
Under the programme, soft loans of Rs5-10 million will be provided to empaneled private hospitals, thereby enabling them to improve their capacity and upgrade their equipment.
Medcare Hospital announced that the facility has been empaneled with the Dubai government-funded Saada Health Insurance Programme for citizens.
And, the article added, he empaneled a seven-member commission with the "power to disqualify political parties and any of the candidates they support."
She said as of 31st January 2018 more than 1,655,657 families have been enrolled in the Prime Minister's National Health Program and more than 56,000 families have been treated for various illnesses from 125 empaneled hospitals across Pakistan.
She said that she will personally visit empaneled hospitals and not
With this program more than 79,000 poor families of the district will be provided with free service for indoor treatment through network of empaneled hospitals throughout Pakistan.
Ishaq Dar said alongside the programme, soft loans were being offered to the empaneled hospitals for upgradation of their medical facilities.