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to make an emotional display


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He said that PPP's leadership wants to emotionalize the case aiming at to get masses' sympathy as the government was doing it for last few months.
When asked about this by the BBC, Greenpeace's outgoing director Gerd Leipold stated that if they did not exaggerate and emotionalize issues, no one would pay attention to them.
Another aspect of the informal dimension is the "emotional" dimension: some actors emotionalize institutions in order to gain the electorate or to achieve certain political or personal goals.
Whether you want to motivate your executives, organize your shareholders, shape your media, engage your customers, win over investors, or land a job, you have to deliver a clarion call that will get your listeners' attention, emotionalize your goal as theirs, and move them to act in your favor.
77) While there is a possible concern that the victims' questioning on the character of the Accused will overly emotionalize the trial, this type of participation could assist the Chamber in its other goal of national reconciliation.
Women, children, old people clad in rages, holding begging bowls in their hands can be seen outside mosques after every prayer who try to emotionalize people and cash their sentiments.
Religious leaders were trying to emotionalize the issue.
Now, 50 years later, many choreographers take the style, the structural fabric of Agon, and emotionalize it.
Crane we see an attempt to emotionalize a theme to the point where both he and the reader forget to question its justification.