emotional state

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the state of a person's emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection)

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In addition, oxytocin also influenced the dogs' emotional states, which was evident in their pupil size.
It furthermore indicates that dogs recognized the different valences of the emotional sounds, which is a promising finding for future studies on empathy for positive emotional states in dogs.
The season is only three days, so there were moments where I'm like, 'Wait, I'm still in the same clothes, still in the same emotional state for three days, within a six-month period.
This is something that has nothing to do with her killing, but a lot to do with his emotional state and a statement about their relationship.
This relationship also exists in a computerized learning environments and researchers of computer science in education field had studied techniques of artificial intelligence to make the educational systems more customized to the emotional state (affective states) of students (Jaques & Vicari, 2007).
However, before language develops, human babies can produce a group of calls called 'protophones' independently of their emotional state.
But scientists say they may have found the answer - and it could be more to do with genetics than emotional state.
Investment decisions -- the amount of risk a person is willing (or unwilling) to put into their portfolio, for instance -- is in large part determined by an individual's emotional state, and those emotions are generated by different parts of the brain.
Participants viewed the videos and then were asked to classify each dog's emotional state using one of five possible descriptors (angry, fearful, happy, sad, or neutral).
This sense of challenge therefore, ubiquitous when people experience self-efficacy, will be experienced as an ambivalent emotional state.
A smart home must respond to the human emotional state and reduce the stress state of its inhabitants, because a chronic stress can lead to a chronic activation, overload and eventually to exhaustion of the hormonal, cardiovascular, neural and muscular systems.
Attempting to address caller experience on emotional state alone would be short sighted.
Facial affect detection using emotional state estimation models may enhance user experiences by providing intelligent interaction with the users.
The Swiss have tested facial recognition technology embedded in a steering wheel which can warn drivers about their emotional state.