emotional person

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a person subject to strong states of emotion

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20 ( ANI ): If you are a really emotional person, then this news might be really important for you.
Liam, who lives with his family in Aintree, said: "I'm not a proper emotional person.
I'm not an emotional person but I did get emotional because of my daughter.
She's always critical, and I have become a very emotional person this past year.
But Mols - signed by his countryman in his second season at Gers - said: "After the Sunderland game people saw a different side of Dick but while it might be hard for some to believe he is a very emotional person.
Lukashenko is an emotional person and often does not express himself very elegantly.
She is an emotional person, that's what makes her a good singer.
The film is about Raghu's revenge, but, for me it is a story of an emotional person.
HARRI EVANS says he is not an emotional person, but admits that while singing the national anthem on the pitch at Parc Eirias in front of a home crowd he was certainly having to hold back the tears.
According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Carole hinted that the competitive vibe required from the judges of the talent show may have led their relationship to cool off or 'ligthen', especially since Elissa is a very emotional person.
I am quite an emotional person, so I think we would work together on that side of things.
Asked if would be shedding a tear, Hendry replied: "I've never been the most emotional person, even when I've won here.
If I have to achieve my goal I would be very headstrong, otherwise I am a very sentimental and emotional person in real life.
I am not an emotional person but I fought back tears for the people of Joplin as I stood there.
I am an emotional person but this is my team and my job here," he said.