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Synonyms for emotional

Synonyms for emotional

relating to, arising from, or appealing to the emotions

readily stirred by emotion

Synonyms for emotional

determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason

of more than usual emotion

(of persons) excessively affected by emotion

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According to the Family Medical Practice Regulation, family physicians are obliged to provide preventive health services for persons and primary care, diagnosis and rehabilita-tive health services in a certain place continuously and comprehensively; family physicians are doctors who provide mobile services when necessary".1 Due to the nature of the profession of physicians and the fact that they have to communicate face to face with their patients, physical and mental labor as well as use intensive emotional labor are inevitable.2 When the literature was examined it was first used by Hochschild in 1983 emotional labor concept.
Emotional intelligence includes intrapersonal as well as interpersonal intelligences.
However, not much has been known about the effect of opioids on emotional responses caused by external stimuli.
However, from an "emotional" point of view it was probablya lot worse.
The key is to invest in nurturing and strengthening our emotional intelligence.
Yoga has the potential to provide physical, mental, and emotional health benefits.
Emotional expression is defined as individuals' ability to communicate emotional states through nonverbal movements and gestures, including through the face (H.
The study aimed to investigate the relationship between attachment styles, emotional intelligence and social intelligence among conveniently selected 340 university students (155 male and 225 female).
Objectives: The present study focused on assessing cognitive deficits and emotional deregulation as predictors of depression in pre/post patients of general surgery.
A study at the University of Vienna, published in the July 2017 edition of Animal Cognition, shows that dogs can match our emotional state.
ABSTRACT: The present research was designed to investigate the relationship between Depression and Emotional Intelligence Quotient among the medical and dental students of Nishtar Medical College Multan.
The purpose of this study is to study any relations of emotional intelligence on the stress of senior secondary have a high emotional intelligence level.
Objective: To translate, adapt and validate emotional labour scale for Pakistani corporate employees.