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Synonyms for emotion

Synonyms for emotion

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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Angell in an article called "A Reconsideration of James's Theory of Emotion in the Light of Recent Criticisms.
It may be asked further of poetry, whether the meter and stanza structure are appropriate to the mood and thought and so handled as to bring out the emotion effectively; and whether the sound is adapted to the sense (for example, musical where the idea is of peace or quiet beauty).
Raoul arose and threw himself with emotion into the count's arms.
During this interval, Delafield gazed on her, in delight; for with the sanguine feelings of youth, he interpreted every symptom of emotion in his own favour.
This little jest put an end to their strained emotion.
They writhed feverishly under the oppressiveness of an emotion thrust on them by cruel Nature's law--an emotion which they had neither expected nor desired.
I do not know that in the spiritual world a sentiment or emotion may not survive the heart that held it, and seek expression in a kindred life, ages removed.
He had said he would fetch his wife, but now, taking stock of the emotion he was feeling, he decided that he would try on the contrary to persuade her not to go in to the sick man.
Rosamond, taken hold of by an emotion stronger than her own-- hurried along in a new movement which gave all things some new, awful, undefined aspect--could find no words, but involuntarily she put her lips to Dorothea's forehead which was very near her, and then for a minute the two women clasped each other as if they had been in a shipwreck.
They who composed the outer circle of faces were on tiptoe to gaze; and even the culprit for an instant forgot his shame in a deeper emotion, and exposed his abject features, in order to cast an anxious and troubled glance at the dark assemblage of chiefs.
Her expression was so placid, it was hard to believe that she was capable of the violent emotion I had witnessed.
In some cases, the two states come almost simultaneously, and mingle the sadness and the rapture in one mysterious emotion.
The silence became almost painful when, by a violent effort, tearing himself from his pleasing reverie -- "Madame," said he at length, "I pray you to excuse my emotion, which must astonish you who are only accustomed to the happiness I meet here; but contentment is so new a sight to me, that I could never be weary of looking at yourself and your husband.
Aramis, overwhelmed by anxiety, contemplated with emotion the painful struggle that was taking place in Philippe's mind.
He took her outside this little world of love and emotion.