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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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Natural language has continued to evolve with the advent of digital media-different languages evolve in different ways, but as Park and colleagues (2013) found, many languages have picked up emoticons as a way of translating emotional expressions.
At the time of this release, the presidential emoticons can only be used in iMessages, allowing users to present their opinions in visual form.
Prior to emoji and emoticons, adding tone to a text message was difficult, which often led to conflicting interpretation of messages between the sender and receiver.
Punctuation and emoticons in computer-mediated discourse
Chat apps such as Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, Nimbuzz and Hike Messenger have stolen a march when it comes to emoticons and stickers.
Now the excitement of every match can be shared through 25 fun emoticons.
The new emoji though still uses the same double-chinned smiling emoticon.
The social media site dropped the emoticon and replaced it with one stating "feeling stuffed."
For the premiere of Broad City's second season in January, Comedy Central partnered with the platform Snaps to create a Broad City-themed emoticon keyboard.
AS a pre-schooler who is utterly committed to the wonders of the digital age (I learned to screen swipe before I mastered the art of finger food consumption) I've grown up thinking of emoticons as just another part of the 21st century vocabulary.
It was a heart-shaped emoticon or "emoji" symbolising love - which was used more than 342 million times in blogs, tweets and on Facebook and some 250,000 print and online media sites.
Do not insert an emoticon. I am sad I know what emoticon stands for.} Yoga classes-out.
The Online Project pointed out that 2 percent of these posts include emoticons, with Saudi Facebook users using the happy face emoticon five times more than the sad face.
The differences in emoticon usage among men and women raise some interesting questions.
She even added a winky emoticon to her message, reports usmagazine.com.