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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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At the time of this release, the presidential emoticons can only be used in iMessages, allowing users to present their opinions in visual form.
Prior to emoji and emoticons, adding tone to a text message was difficult, which often led to conflicting interpretation of messages between the sender and receiver.
Punctuation and emoticons in computer-mediated discourse
In what strikes me as a rather ageist turn of events, sending emoticons on older handsets puts the sender at particular risk of being slapped with an unexpected bill.
The reader is less likely to take the reminder of their debt seriously when an emoticon is added, St.
To strengthen this argument, Figure 2 plots the probability that an emoticon is sent to another group member as a function of how much the recipient's contribution differs from the average group contribution.
Depending on your perspective, emoticons may be one of the most charming aspects of online communication or one of the most annoying.
According to an online CNN Report, language experts say the smiley face and other emotional icons, known as emoticons, have given people a concise way in e-mail and other electronic messages of expressing sentiments that otherwise would be difficult to detect.
Although the Smiley emoticon was born on the Pittsburgh campus, the icon spread to universities and businesses around the world as the Internet grew.
Should I incorporate the emoticon into the closing of the parentheses (giving a dual purpose to the closing parenthesis, such as in this case :-); simply leave the emoticon up against the closing parenthesis, ignoring the bizarre visual effect of the doubled closing parenthesis (as I am doing here, producing a double-chin effect :-)); or avoid the situation by using a different emoticon (some emoticons are similar :-D), placing the emoticon elsewhere, or doing without it (i.
That probably has to do with a button-pushing determination on the part of screenwriter Jeff Maguire that reduces practically every scene to an oversimplified emoticon in the Santa Monica Mountains, ``Gridiron'' recounts the efforts of probation officer Sean Porter (Dwayne ``The Rock'' Johnson) to combat the 75 percent recidivism rate Camp Kilpatrick's young inmates suffered.
The switch button also activates emoticon JAPAN 2005 to be held in Makuhari Messe from October 4 through 8.
D This "big grin" emoticon is a cyberspace elbow in the ribs.
When McLean does come up with a funny 'translation' or present us with an inventive emoticon the reader feels compelled to read on in case another gem is waiting to be unearthed.
For example, with a face Emoticon, customers can change the expression from very happy to very sad to indicate levels of satisfaction with a service or product.