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  • verb

Synonyms for emote

to make an emotional display

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give expression or emotion to, in a stage or movie role

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12 default emotes will be provided now, and more emotes will be added in the future
Our feelings are best expressed in words and actions and foster a strong bond of togetherness and affection than the funny smartphone emotes.
If the beloved's beauty gives the lover a reason to love her--he recognizes her beauty and is moved because he recognizes the goodness of beauty--then why is it reasonable for someone else, who recognizes her beauty, not to be moved to emote with love?
CUTLINE: Virginia Madsen gets to emote in "The Haunting in Connecticut" as the mother of a cancer-stricken teen played by Kyle Gallner.
Emote also said it is currently in talks with a range of potential partners to gain insight into the world of hunting in order to offer a full and varied hunting experience, close to reality.
When a person begins to emote, a lot of that internalized repressed emotion finds its own way out.
Getting some dancers to emote is like getting blood out of a stone,' she revealed, 'but NBT dancers do it quite naturally.
Rest assured that while reading this, you will emote.
Some may point to wooden actors whose ability to emote at all may be in question, while the ham-bone's overacting can equally be skewered.
The EMOTE trial used on oral formulation of Perfan I.
Machines that emote and rival our intelligence and decision-making skills are emerging in computer laboratories.
Anderson can emote with the best but does so sparingly, balancing the drama with Tom Lehrer--style humor.
Although Nuyorican Poets Cafe is an historically significant venue for New York slams, the Bowery Poetry Club and Bar 13 have opened their doors to give poets more room to shout, emote and memorialize through their words.
You can hear it in the music, though, along with vocals that emote in a manner not unlike the great Elvis Costello.
Animals that talk, emote, and express moral ideas are usually exiled to children's literature, but there was a time when beasts were respected characters in spiritual reading.