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any agent that promotes menstrual discharge

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Les fournisseurs de soins de sante, les scientifiques et les decideurs sont donc encourages a soutenir la recherche et la documentation sur l'utilisation des plantes medicinales dans les troubles de la reproduction comme agents emmenagogue, et pour les problemes gynecologiques.
In Bentley's Manual of Botany in 1870, Petiveria is again listed as a remedy for toothache and an emmenagogue (625).
Pregnant women should not use the plant because the leaves possess emmenagogue activity (ejection of the placenta and fetal membranes) and may induce abortion.
18) DC was regarded as a strong emmenagogue by Constantine the African and was recorded in a work by Petrus Marancius later in the 13th century as an emmenagogue, but not as an abortifacient.
communis (Euphorbiaceae) is a plant of the East of Morocco, leaves are used as an emmenagogue and hemostatic for small wounds.
It has been used in treatment of candiurectic, emmenagogue, antiflatulence and antimicrobial agents.
The herb is considered to have emetic, stimulant, and astringent qualities, and is used in diarrhea and as an emmenagogue.
The nut is emmenagogue, purgative, the young ones make very effective laxative, mature seeds are vermifuge, good for urinary disorder, and is reported to have aphrodisiac properties.
Seed and bark are used as astringent, emmenagogue, in menorrhagia, spleen enlargement and diarrhea.
In 1931 Mrs Grieve refers to its emmenagogue action and the 1983 BHP includes 'menopausal neurosis' as one of its indications, and specific indications as 'emotional and vascular instability, including the hot flush, associated with the menopause'.
29###Rheum australe###Chotial###Roots, Rhizome and leaves###Purgative, astringent, alexiterix, emmenagogue, diuretic and act as blood purifier
Verbenaceae), commonly known as Nirgundi, is already in clinical use in several traditional systems of medicine including Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha for management of pain, headache, inflammation, leucoderma, enlargement of the spleen, rheumatoid arthritis, gonerrhoea, bronchitis, fever, cold and cough, lactagogue and emmenagogue as juice, decoction and also as vapor (8-10).