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the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate

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The emitter delivers a 50mm x 50mm active curing area, but multiple systems can be grouped together to create larger curing pattern matrixes as needed.
It is imagined that, in the utilization of microtube emitters, there is a range of inlet pressures in the line, around an optimal value that allows operation with proper distribution uniformity and, therefore, it is admissible that there are variations in the inlet pressure of lateral lines.
The percentage of hydraulic loss due to emitters as compared with plain lateral pipes varied from 12.
Faurecia uses carbon infrared emitters to form the dashboard of a car under heat, and coat it with a sound-proofing layer.
The Series 824 co-extrusion crosshead is designed for irrigation tubing with an emitter tool.
The device detects modulated pulses from a separate IR emitter with a high sensitivity of 0.
USPRwire, Wed Dec 23 2015] Infrared Emitter & Receiver Market by Spectral Range (Near IR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR, and FAR IR), Vertical (Automotive, Industrial, Military & Aerospace, & Others), Application & Geography - Global Trend & Forecast to 2020
The different emitters and adjustable spray heads let you vary the amount of water based on the weather and plant needs.
The two channels of the AWG then are combined to create a composite multi-emitter test signal consisting of both captured emitters and simulated emitters.
Using ethanol emitters, the researchers were able to extend the shelf life by 10 days and make the products acceptable for up to 16 days of storage.
Based on gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAIAs) technology, the emitters feature a wide-angle, uniform optical beam with ultra-high optical output.
Since IR emitters and receivers are used in combination, matching the wavelength of the emitter output with the peak sensitivity of the phototransistor receiver can result in improved performance and lower power consumption.
The VLED Module reflector-prisms use the full output of each LED and feature 64 emitters (75 system watts), 80 emitters (94 system watts) or 120 emitters (141 system watts).
One of the problems with pseudo single-photon emitters is that a single pulse would emit two or more photons, which meant that eavesdropping might go undetected.
Drip irrigation lines, as long as their emitters deliver 2 gallons per hour or less, are exempt from all watering restrictions.