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Synonyms for emission

Synonyms for emission

the act of emitting

the occurrence of a flow of water (as from a pipe)

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Nevertheless, we will continue our focus on optimizing system cost, both with regard to engine out emissions and aftertreatment.
Introducing domestic emissions trading means that each company has to curtail its own emissions, [as they] have the same amount of emission allowances.
In May 2005, an IMO regulation on engine emission standards for N[O.
The half-empty room was mostly sprinkled with Georgia Power employees and members of various environmental groups, and the two sides spent much of the meeting making their cases: Bowen had failed to modernize its plant to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, the green activists said; Georgia Power representatives retorted that Bowen complied with environmental regulations and had a lesser health impact than pollution from wood fires, meat smoke, and diesel engines.
It is expected that company-or facility-level emission limits will eventually be established and an emissions trading system will be developed, but these elements of Canada's strategy are still taking shape.
Proponents have been working for 20 years to reduce the particulate and gas emissions that contribute to smog, he says.
Some PZEVs actually produce lower levels of emissions than the hybrids," says Violette Roberts, community relations manager of the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District.
Not unlike the single household mortgages that Fannie Mae combines as investments, one home's energy savings would be too small to generate either a significant level of emission or a significant monetary value.
Results were similar in the 100% perforation condition, with the exception of a consistent 3,500-Hz emission.
IPCC is presenting two alternative hypotheses: Either the base warming was simply overestimated, or some other anthropogenerated emission is preventing the warming from being observed.
The provision of specific interest to accountants was the government's authorization to grant airpollution emission rights--in effect, a limited license to pollute-- and the eventual creation of a market in which these rights can be sold or traded.