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Synonyms for emission

Synonyms for emission

the act of emitting

the occurrence of a flow of water (as from a pipe)

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Weak Demand from Power Plants and for Industrial Processing Machinery Squeezes Opportunities for Stationary Emission Control Catalysts
If the court rules that the agency does not have to rule on greenhouse gas emissions, the waiver will likely never come, he said.
The off-road standards are being phased in over a number of years, gradually reducing the legal levels of emissions for various sizes of diesel engines.
For Japan, one of the biggest challenges to reducing domestic emissions is its abatement cost.
Main issues that need to be resolved to check shipping pollution are international and national consensus on fuel quality, emission standards, and a time frame for adoption as well as for onshore power systems.
In a little-noticed 2003 article in the academic journal Environmental Science and Technology, Professor Jonathan Levy and colleagues from the Harvard School of Public Health reported that emissions from seven coal-fired Southern Co.
Although the United States did not sign the treaty, state and regional emission limits may involve the industry.
That means industry will have to use what technology is "on the shelf" today in its attempts to reduce GHG emissions, according to Dan Paszkowski, vice-president of economic affairs for the Mining Association of Canada.
Not unlike the single household mortgages that Fannie Mae combines as investments, one home's energy savings would be too small to generate either a significant level of emission or a significant monetary value.
Results were similar in the 100% perforation condition, with the exception of a consistent 3,500-Hz emission.
IPCC is presenting two alternative hypotheses: Either the base warming was simply overestimated, or some other anthropogenerated emission is preventing the warming from being observed.
The rationale behind emission trading is to ensure that the emission reductions take place where the cost of the reduction is lowest thus lowering the overall costs of combating climate change.
To this end, Bosch is pursuing a variety of technical developments with the aim of further reducing the level of toxic emissions from diesels in order to make them even more environmentally friendly, while meeting increasingly stringent emission regulations.
Real-world data show the average automobile's VOC emission rate is declining 11-15% per year, again much more rapidly than driving is increasing, and with a more rapid decline for recent models (Pokharel et al.