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consistently improving organization performance, creates the great power of synergy which these forces could support from the growth and development plan and generating the opportunities of the organizational eminency.
If after the sale of the watch, one of the few personal items of his eminency, we have a larger sum [than the bill], the difference will be used for charity," Archimandrite Arseni told Bulgarian news website Mediapool.
She also volunteers that her roles speak for her acting success and skill, as borne out in her repertoire of drama so far, including "Al Dali", " Matkhafoush" (Don't be afraid), " Wadi Al Moulok" (The Valley of Kings) and Qadiyat Ma'ali Al Wazerah" (The case of His Eminency, the Minister).
Writing about a version of the war against parents in their 1998 book, Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornel West subsume in a broad sweep that this war against parental eminency for domesticity has effected "the fracturing of families, the hollowing-out of community.
Just as the Egyptian regime has failed to address these problems, advanced Western countries have consolidated their economic and technological superiority, China became an economic superpower, Asian tigers rose to worldwide eminency, and the small emirate of Dubai was transformed into an envied economic star in the Middle East.
In addition, usually an author or a research team is not enough skilled to judge the academic eminency of their own work.